4 thoughts on “Molly Koltys”

  1. Heavy contrast…that I like. I enjoy the mystery of the child’s identity; it gives the viewer something to figure out. Whether it was the child’s name being Norah or an adult whose name was Norah. There is a lot going on as well. The ribbons add this celebration mood to the picture. Great concept.

  2. I enjoy the narrative quality to this photograph. The shadows on the top and bottom of the frame also add a cinematic quality to it. I actually find the “Norah” written on the chair to be somewhat distracting from the intended subject (which I’m assuming is the little girl) but overall, I enjoy the contrast between the celebratory innocence of the objects and the shadowy world that they are placed into.

  3. I like how there seems to be a story going on in the image. With the elements like the child and the dramatic lighting it feels like the photograph captured some sort of private moment. Also, I agree with the first commentor; the mystery of the name is interesting, and it makes me more curious about the story.

  4. There is a lot of story behind this photograph. The composition as well as the framing really add to the picture and make the image great. The shading is dramatic and makes the image even more interesting.

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