5 thoughts on “Tommy Grill”

  1. The way you composed the line that follows through the sculpture in this photo is really nice. It helps your eye travel across the entire piece.

  2. This artwork grabbed my attention, for a second I thought it was a live person on the picture. The composition is very nice, I like how eye moves along the curves of the sculptures body. The sky background is just beautiful. Good job:)

  3. Your composition works beautifully with this sculpture. My eyes explore the entire frame and you did a great job letting the frame control the viewer. You also have great control of color in the photograph. Hats off to you!

  4. I took me a second to realize the subject was a statue and not a real person. The way you composed the shot creates such a dynamic illusion of movement.

    I also like how there’s just enough light shining on the subject for it to not be a total silhouette.

  5. There is great composition in this photograph and I really like how you captured the sky within it. Usually people don’t burn it enough and it appears too bright.

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