4 thoughts on “Reyna Obregon”

  1. I think it’s very clever how you divided the viewer’s experience in two. On one hand, the brain knows what it is looking at — a shadow is being cast from the curb. On the other hand, the brain sees the pattern, the division of color and texture. I like how the leaves take up space in both the shadow and and light areas. It makes the purpose of this photograph more about the that conflict of knowledge than a trick of the light.

  2. I really like the colors in this photo, especially how the oranges and yellows contrast with gray. I also like how the pattern of the leaves mimics the texture of the cement. I also agree with the first commentor that the way this picture plays with foregrounds and patterns is interesting.

  3. Great control of exposure. I can see the details clearly. I would suggest taking it with a smaller aperture so all of the three parts will be in focus and it may creates a more interesting effect.

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