Western Michigan University

runling peng

Runling Peng
Art 3470: Digital Photography I

i took this picture at my part of my bag. close-up image trying to show different ways to audience. the picture give audience some information to guess what’s the image is, but 100% information without thinking. also, we should give enough information to the audience instead a little information. it makes image interesting.

5 thoughts on “runling peng”

  1. I think the concept behind this image is interesting however I don’t think you’re pushing it far enough. Shooting boarder line abstraction would make more work for the viewer and be a more rewarding image as a result.

  2. Zooming in on this object very close was an extremely smart thing to do. By cropping the subject, it becomes something abstract. The material looks like leather, or even like skin, since you have decided to get so close to it. This method is overall successful in this piece.

  3. The first place my eye went to in this photo was the top left corner where the leather starts to crunch together. It looks very biomorphic. I think it would be cool to get even closer and really examine that one point of interest.

  4. There is an interesting repetition of horizontal lines. Some sections protrude, where others recede, each is a different texture. The slight turning up in the left corner of the zipper actually reminds me of a mouth—and of course, one could reference the metaphor of “zipping your lips.” The pink, almost skin-toned color throughout the photograph adds to the figural nature of this image.

  5. Upon reading the description, I feel that you could have zoomed in even more to create an abstract image. Yes, the audience does not know what kind of bag this zipper is attached to but it is obvious that it is a zipper none the less. But the concept is really interesting. Keep up the creative ideas!!

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