20 thoughts on “Synjin Mrkvicka”

  1. I like the certain feel that these images bring to the viewer. Its like an older style abstraction. The top images has great color in it. Its not to bright were it hurts my eye and they blend together nicely. I love that you cut off the subjects heads on the bottom image. It gives a mysterious feel to it and it draws the viewer in more, wondering what these people in everyday life look like. The only problem I have with the bottom image is the right side. Its so distracting that my eye can’t help but wander over the faded part of the image periodically. Maybe try cropping or re printing the image to make it stronger yet.

  2. The photo on top really caught my eye. There is so much movement. It reminds me of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase”. It is a beautiful photo and I hope you explore this style of photography further.

  3. These photographs have a very captivating composition. I really love the top photograph. The lines from your shadows compliment the subject matter. It looks like the positioning was well thought out. The colors are awesome, too. It would help if there was a title or some sort of description because I’m not sure exactly what is going on. Also, the bottom photograph, the blue on the blue jeans is a bit distracting.

  4. The colors in both of these are beautiful and work really well to help portray emotion in your photographs. The movement in the top photograph is very unique. I am curious to know about the process while taking that image—is it layered or the camera moved for multiple exposure? It is very interesting to make the decision to cut off the heads in the second photograph. The contrasts are nice with the tints of color from the process you are using. I would love to know more about your intent on each of these images!

  5. I am not sure what your intentions were when you took these photos. However, I think that you have some interesting compositions on your hands. The first one is very captivating. I am curious about the faces that you chose not to include on the second image.

  6. The line-work in both of these images ties them together really. well. Individually, they both have very strong compotision. On the first image, I really like how it gives the appearance of several images stacked on top of each other. The second image reminds me of mannequins, with the heads not being visible. I think that the impersonal-ness of the second and the dark outlines of the figures in the first make them a very strong pair. The only thing I struggle with, is the color differences in both. I think its very strong in the first but not sure what it is in the second.

  7. To be completely honest, these are probably my two favorite images on the blog. They’re both so interesting & I feel like they’re both strong enough to stand alone. The top image, I love everything about it. The motion, the colors, everything. On the bottom image I really image is primarily a bluish grey color, except for the very edges that are rainbow. I think it totally adds to the dynamic of the image. As for the content, both I find really interesting. I like that you chose to crop the heads off of all three of the subjects. It kind makes it more interesting. Overall, great images!

  8. I really like these images and how they have a vintage feel to them. I especially like the first one. The colors work really well together and I like the overlaying of images, it makes the image abstract and unique. I like how in the bottom image the heads are cut off and it is all black and white with a little bit of color on the side, it’s a good use of color. Nice photos.

  9. wow i just have to say amazing job on the first picture the colors and movement in the photograph is awesome! makes me love the human figure even more.the second photo is very interesting i like how the heads aren’t included in the picture. great job but i would like for you to include a description of what the goal was it would be nice.

  10. I like how both of these images show expression through body language. The way you showed motion of a body moving over time in the top image is really interesting and give the picture kind of a cool 3-D feel. I like how you balance out the two images by showing bodies that are still underneath the moving body. I also like how you cut off the heads so that i’m not distracted by faces, I’m drawn right away to the bodies and their posture.

  11. the both picture are really abstract. espacially the first picture. i can barely see the movement. the second picture, i like you how purpose crop the picture. i think you did some adjustment. but i don’t think the adjustment did good job.

  12. I like the style of both images. Top one is beautiful and surreal, colors are outstanding. The second image is made in the traditions of the fashion photography, it is very nicely done! Good job!

  13. Interesting contrast between war/cool tones and moving vs static subjects. Both feel very narrative to me and held my attention because of it. Good work!

  14. Motion is one of my favorite things to study in photography. The way you capture a subject in motion through a still image is breathtaking. Better than many of the best sports photographers out there I’ve studied.

  15. The lines and colors you create in these photos are stunning. I wish I had more to say, but I really don’t. These are beautiful. The ambiguity or lack of time and space in both of them are very evocative. Again, the colors… just, wow!

  16. I like that these photos are very artistic. They seem experimental, or as if they were left up to chance. it’s nice to see photos that aren’t always “perfectly composed” according to the rules or expertly touched up in post-production. The colors are visually interesting and there is certainly motion in the upper photo, which makes a neat effect.

  17. I love the Duchamp reference in the top photo because it turns to a different angle yet still keeps a strong connection to the painting, plus it looks great. I’m working on a art-history-referential project right now, this makes me think over about my re-construction of the original scene.

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