4 thoughts on “Lauren Mattes”

  1. I definitely get a sense of anxiety about being found out from the person; like she’s at her secret hiding spot and looking to make sure no one is watching. I like the mist on the ground too. My only gripe is that the head is cut off. I feel like the woman and her expression is the central focus, but with her head cut off I’m not quite sure if that’s as important as the container in her hands.

  2. I definitely think you succeeded in creating a narrative quality in this photograph; the fact that some story is taking place is evident even before reading the captions under the picture.  There seems to be some sort of tension going on in the picture, and it makes me interested in knowing the rest of the story.  There’s only one thing I think you could try do differently to play up the dream idea: you can try changing the colors of the environment ( such as making the leaves purple or something) just to give it a more surreal affect.  But overall I like it.

  3. I really enjoy the narration of this photograph. The perspective from which it was shot creates an interesting dynamic within the scene. The viewer is at once confronted with the subject in the foreground, yet the angle draws the viewers eye through the scene to the background, which creates a sense that the woman may not be alone in the forest. However, I would like to see more space at the top of the frame. While this tight cropping creates a good tension, I would like to see her whole head, which will help highlight the emotion of her face. I would also like to see the subject highlighted a little more. She becomes a little lost in the shadows. I would love to see more from this series.

  4. There is definitely a feeling of anxiety and movement in this piece. Like she’s just picked up her box and is about to run off with it for fear of someone chasing her. The odd shape of the box and the foggy substance help to create a dreamlike quality, but I think that part of the concept could be exaggerated more. Possibly distorting some parts of the image could help. I also agree with the previous comments about the cropping on the top of the image.

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