3 thoughts on “Andrea Fiene”

  1. I really enjoy both these black and white photographs, but for me the first photograph is more interesting. The limited use of contrast in this photographs helps to create a soft portrait. By limiting the contrast you were able to create a narrative portrait instead of a traditional portrait. While your subject is placed against a background full of texture in movement, she doesn’t become obscured within it. The composition and framing is very beautifully done in capturing the serene expression of your subject. Very beautiful photograph and look forward to seeing more.

  2. Interesting photos I am very impressed with both of them however I am somewhat confused on what the concept of this series is. Overall they are very well done and show a lot of good detail especially in the second one.

  3. I really enjoy the composition of the portrait. The blurriness of the grass blends so well with her hair and looks really natural but thoughtful at the same time. And the second image of lines and shapes is another satisfying image to look at.

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