Southwestern Michigan College

Anastasija Kristala

Anastasija Kristala
Advanced Photography

Both images are from the project “Objects and Closeups”, which was made into a college art show. The idea of the project was to represent everyday simple objects, like indoor decorations, with a close-up view with the intention to bring out the beauty of their textures, colors and shapes.

13 thoughts on “Anastasija Kristala”

  1. These are very interesting images. The top one is working the best for me. I think the use of color and abstract forms is what draws me in the most. I enjoy the relationship between the four images, but yet there different in composition. I would have to say that the bottom one isn’t as effective as the top one. Ya there close ups of watches, but its too easy to tell. Compared to the top image they don’t really relate at all, so I think you should definitely keep working with this series, but try more images like the top one where the subject matter is more abstract.

  2. You did a wonderful job capturing the textures of each object. I especially love the collage of the top photographs. the colors are nicely done. I love how you put all the photographs together, it definitely adds to the interest. The only thing that may help make this stronger is the upper right picture of the watch, I wish it was as sharp as the other photos. Good job!!

  3. These pictures are very eye-catching. The decision to include multiple images in a single photo was a good idea in this instance. It comes together very well.

  4. This is a really intriguing series! The different DOFs in the bottom images work well together. The textures in the objects are fantastic! I would really love to see these as large images–have you made prints of them (and if so how large are they)? The top images have a wonderful movement throughout the series. I like the juxtaposition of the images together. Would love to see more of these style of photographs!

  5. wow amazing colors and photographs. They are sharp, they grab my attention, great choice of objects to shoot and colors, great texture. i love them great job

  6. I really love these images. I love the colors in the top image especially & i like how you made them into a collage. You made each individual image within the image a different size & it adds to the visual aesthetics of the images as a whole. I really love in the bottom image, the top image on the right within that image has a super shallow depth of field to abstract the watch even further. My only complaint is within that same image, but the bottom left, the image to me seems a bit out of focus & is a bit distracting. Other than that these are really great images!

  7. i like the second image. it’s like commercial for the watch picture.
    i like you shoot the watch from different angle.
    the first image i think you used same technique. but i don’t think the first image turn well as second one.

  8. Really interesting groupings here! The second is much stronger to me though. I can see a lot of conceptual ideas about time coming through and your idea to showcase their beauty was really successful.

  9. I love the one on top and I think it’s much more successful than the one on the bottom. While the bottom one is all clocks, I think it lacks the continuity of the one on top and looses the beautifully abstract quality.

  10. The second of these images has an cleanliness about it that feels a bit like an advertisement. The choices made in the composition urge the viewer to focus on the mechanics of the watch, rather than, say, the wearer. I can just see some catchy slogan about how this brand is the intersection between beauty, science and art. Interesting pieces!

  11. I adore the collage layout of these close up objects. The shapes are both organic and geometric and thus oddly satisfying. The color schemes of both images are also very beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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