21 thoughts on “Courtney Boehler”

  1. Leaving it up to color to tell the narrative is an interesting technique. I think the second of the two photographs is more successful in doing this, because the color is better integrated into the photograph. The color in the first photo feels more forced. But there is a definite sense of tragedy and disaster in both images that would not be as strong without the highlighted color. I would be very interested to see more from this series.

  2. I really enjoy the use of the grayscale in combination with limited color saturation. The selective color saturation can work well in drawing the viewers attention to the important content of the scene. While the first photograph is successful at drawing the viewers eye to the narrative it is a little to straight forward and not as dynamic as the second one. I really enjoy the warm color palette juxtaposed with the gray scale of this photograph. While the colors are bold they do not overpower the texture of the water and ground. You were able to create a wonderful balance that makes this photograph interesting and beautiful. The only thing that I would change is try burning the top left corner down, its a little too blown out and you lose some of the detail. Look forward to seeing more photographs like this.

  3. I think this is quite interesting. I think the focus and composition of the top one is better. The central focus and clarity of it is nice. The color, however doesn’t happen to has a purpose. The bottom one has more interest in terms of color and black and white, but my focus is distracted by the detail and harshness of the colors. The bubbles and the harsh light in the upper left don’t allow me to really see the photo unless I try really hard. Interesting idea, but needs a few tweaks.

  4. I can see how the first photo could be considered a narrative photograph, but I personally don’t see the association in the second.
    The first image is quite intriguing. I love how you only kept the orange in the photo, and left everything else black/white. I draws you to it, and emphasizes the importance of it.
    The second image is well interesting and I enjoy the bright colors, but it’s a bit too bright in the upper left corner. I like how you captured the motion of the water, and the bubbles are awesome.

  5. The contrast in these photos really draws me in. The bottom photo especially is really interesting to me because of everything going on in the frame. The top photo is a little to straight forward and the content doesn’t really interest me like the bottom photos content does.

  6. I really like the unrealistic way of using colors in these photos. The red in the first image is very effective. Everything is black and white except the red. There is still some red on the buildings in the background. I don’t know if you left that on purpose or not, but I personally feel it’ll look better if you take that off. Your subject will stand out more and the viewers will be less distracted. The color looks wonderful in the second image. Nice job!

  7. I very much like your use of color and setting in these photos. Very intriguing images however, I am somewhat confused on your overall concept. The second photo is very successful with its use of color and motion, which i think is the best photo of the two

  8. Your Second photograph held my attention a lot longer than your first. The subject is unclear at first glance which made me look at it until I found out what it was. I personally don’t think road blocks are at all interesting, even if it does have a symbolic meaning, and i didn’t want to put to much effort in discovering the meaning when your second photo was much more brilliant, with a wider array of warm colors, and lots of different texture. you can Imagine how cold the water is and how hot the leaves are, they remind me of smoldering bits of lava.

  9. The bright contest between the red and the greyscale really pops and draws the viewer into the photographs. On the top photo the use of line brings an interesting element and makes my eye travel. The small color of red in the leaves on the tree is distracting for me, maybe try removing that red. I love the bottom photograph, the movement and contrast is awesome! My only suggestion is to maybe trying not centering the water hose. Great photos!

  10. What initially drew me into these photographs was the color choices. The colors orange and red that the photographer chose to highlight are powerful in this image. I find that it would be difficult to relate the two images together, except for the color highlights, making the color even more powerful. Very clear, precise work. My eyes enjoy looking at the images as one, instead of two separate pieces, or photographs. I thought a previous comment about the leaves representing lava or melted metal work well with the construction sign in the top photo.

    Stephen Kruse
    WMU 9/17/12

  11. I enjoyed the use of color in these photos, it definitely makes the photos more eye catching than if they were regular photos. The second photo caught my attention more than the first i like how the movement is shown and the colors show that. I’m not sure if i can see any connection between the two, other than the color contrast. Nevertheless, Great photos.

  12. I like the contrast in these photos. I feel that the second photo has a more interesting composition than the first. The first photo is lacking the movement that is seen in the second and I think that’s where it falls short.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of excessive color splash (top picture), however the bottom one has far more dynamic. The water coming out form the top leads the viewer down the frame to the colorful leaves and the remaining texture of the pavement. The air bubbles to the right also help frame the photo. To improve the photo on the top, try balancing the picture more. The sign slightly off center is distracting.

  14. I love the colors, they are so bright.I also like the composition the the photos, I like the bottom picture better and maybe you could have played with the composition more in the first picture. But I enjoy that the only color showing is the orange, showing the important part of the picture.

  15. The image that kept me interested was the leaves with water. At first I didn’t notice the hose with water coming out, the things that made me keep looking at this image was the texture. If the leaves were more in focus and the hose was pointed up a bit, almost like a fountain this image may have been even more interesting.

  16. I really like your use of selective coloration in both these images! I think the second composition flows a bit more smoothly because the colors seem a bit more natural. Overall though, great job!

  17. The second image is impressive. The gray background contrasts well with the orange leaves. The second one looks more natural because rocks are generally gray so nothing feels uncomfortable.

  18. I really like the images. In the first one I like how you did the background as black and white and focused the attention to the colored road closed sign. Personally I think if you were to shoot this picture again, try blurring out the background a bit more to really draw the attention to the sign. In the second picture I love how the contrast and brightness are, the orange leafs pop out and tell the story for the image. The image itself is very pure. Great job, love them both.

  19. I like what you did with the colors in your pictures. It really draws your eye right to the colorful parts and then I slowly filled in the rest of the gray pictures. It creates great focal points in each as well. I really like the road closed one because of the houses in the background. I felt as though I could feel exactly what was happening in that scene.

  20. Dear Courtney,
    I love the first image! I love how the orange is the only color in the image. The sign really pops out from the image.

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