12 thoughts on “Lauren Mattes”

  1. First text reads: Lifting out of bed each day is becoming increasingly difficult alone.

    Second text: Adulthood is f–king terrifying.

  2. I think that you have found interesting ways to incorporate the text between using multiple sheets of of paper in the top image and in writing on the subjects arm in the bottom image. In both images, I would like to see you try cropping in closer to the writing. In the top image, I believe that the letter on top of the wooden surface is a bit distracting. Since the shape and color are so similar to the sheets with the writing, my eye is drawn there first. Is the placement of this sheet intentional? If not, I would remove it from your composition. I would make the same comment about the lights on the right side of the composition. They interfere with the woman’s head, so I would remove them unless they are vital to your composition. For the bottom image, I would like to see you crop in tighter to the writing– maybe even photograph the subject in a setting that gives more context to the writing and the meaning that you want to convey in your photograph. Currently the cropping is a little awkward as it cuts nearly at the neckline and the knees. I would either crop in to the writing, or show more of the person.

    You have great ideas for incorporating text– keep going!

  3. I really like the concept behind your series of incorporating text into the photograph to create a narrative. I enjoy the first photograph because of the faceless portrait and the text. The text in the photograph is a wonderful substitute for facial expressions and in fact I find it to be incredibly dynamic. The one thing I would change about the first photograph would be to place more focus on the text, the words become lost within the scene. The only word that stands out for me is the word alone. There is a lot of white pieces of paper without text and I think they are taking my attention away from the paper with text. Try removing the blanks pieces and spacing the paper with text further apart from one another. The lighting of this photograph is beautiful and it helps to create a somber mood which works well with the text. The only thing that is distracting is the strand of lights that appears to be coming out of the subjects head. Maybe try recomposing the photograph so that the lamp is completely in the photograph or removed completely, it does become a little distracting with trying to figure out what it is.

    The second photograph for me is not as successful as the photograph. The colors seems a little to flat and the lighting is not as vibrant as the first. I like the idea of placing text on the body, to due to lighting I can’t read the text. Try shooting a close up of the arm so that the viewer can focus on the text and the arm.

    Keep going on the incorporating text within your scenes and the faceless portraits, I think it is a very strong concept.

  4. What a cool assignment. I love the ideas that you’ve put together, but I agree that I want to be able to read what it says and for it to be dynamic! I also want what the photo shows to be directly related to the words. For example, having a bed scene in the first or a workplace/adult-like scene in the bottom.

  5. These photos don’t work for me. I think that in order for the text to work it should play off the image. And while both of these images convey an emptiness, I think you could make stronger photos by making the loneliness that is defined in the text more obvious. Omitting the face in both of these photographs loses something that could have made these photographs more successful as well. Lastly, the composition of each photo is pretty similar. If I put a penny over the focal point (for me where the text sits) it would be the same in each photo. I think you could push the concept of the texts even further to make stronger images.

  6. From a technical aspect the first image is the stronger of the two. The lighting is more dynamic and there is a good balance of light and dark. It seems to be more properly exposed than the second one which becomes flat and washed out. If you continue to have a figure in your series it will be important to be conscious of what your model is wearing. In the top image the black anchors the subject but does not deter from the overall scene, where the zebra print top becomes a little distracting and distracts my vision.

    It is interesting that the viewer cannot see the subject’s face. It forces us to look to these moments that are scattered through the composition to find out information about who the person is. The placement of the papers in the top image is perfect and makes it seem like they take on a life of their own. They are just floating in space.

    Be creative and push this.

  7. The first photograph is very interesting to me — I haven’t ever really seen an image quite like it before. The text really starts becoming its own entity; it has a physical body of its own. I think it is a really different idea having one examine their words as a physical being.

    There is a bit of a leap from the first photograph to the second, visually. You need some sort of common thread like color, composition… I also think that you are playing with different ideas of how to represent text in the two photographs. That is fine, but it is something to be aware of.

  8. The way you made this girl anonymous is interesting to me. That combined with incorporating text on her actual body successfully creates an eerie mood. However, I think that you could stage these in a lighting studio and produce ever greater effects. I think having more control of the lighting and the background setting would make for an interesting concept.

  9. I really love the concept of the project itself. Adding text to a photograph tastefully is hard to do. I especially like the background of your work, how you used a personal poem. You put your work into more of your work. Well done and great idea. I am not particularly fond of how you portrayed the writing in the photographs. It just feels a little messy, a little unplanned. I feel like a little more thought in the background itself, as well as the the lighting, could have made the photograph more interesting. It just doesn’t compel me to really think about the piece. I don’t feel like I would look at it for very long. I do like that you can’t see any faces, that the models in the work are anonymous and that you kind of have to assume things, you can make up your own assumptions or conclusions about the picture more freely. It needs work but I really liked where you were going with the assignment!

  10. I like the concept of these images but I del like you could have executed them better. This is mostly for image number two; I think the background is lacking. I feel like you could have composed this photo better as in a different angle, more shallow depth of field, different background, etc. As far as photo one is concerned, I think a different angle would have made for a more dynamic composition that would draw the viewer in and hold them more. It just feels too straight on to me.

  11. I especially like the use of text in these photos. I think without them, the concept would lack clarity, and lack even more in meaning. I think the text could have been executed better, although I do see the caption, and it appears the text in the photos was created by another person. I also think a stronger background, or a background that would correlate more with the meaning behind the subject of the photos would have produced a stronger image. Clear images- I would love to see more!

    Stephen Kruse
    WMU 10/15/12

  12. I like both images, they are fairly interesting, albeit a little flat. But that works with the tone. Compositionally I enjoy the top image more. I think there is a little more going on, it feels more created, where as the second image feels more captured. I think the subjects body in the second image confuses the focus a little. I would perhaps consider cropping in when framing the shot. Nice work though, keep at it.

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