15 thoughts on “Tatianna Oakley”

  1. This photograph is very successful in terms of mood, atmosphere, and narrative. It reminds me of Chris Van Allsburg’s illustrations (The Polar Express, Jumanji…) — joyful but a a bit creepy. I am completely convinced by the colors, the blurred motion, and lights.

  2. You have selected some great, colorful text to inspire your imagery! I like that you are using the tree lights to create mood, but I would suggest that you try burning in the lights a little– currently they are drawing a lot of attention and are distracting from the main elements of the photo. If possible, I would suggest that you try bringing the cropping back out a bit to give the top light and the figure more space from the edges of your frame.

    I love the depth of field that you have used! The light on the branch is beautiful! The photo conveys a wonderful sense of magic.

  3. This definitely brings out a mood and a narrative. I think the depth of field and blur of the toy helps create this. I agree that the lights need to be burnt down a bit to help with distraction. I also wonder if it is possible, despite the blur, to have the toy more in focus, or at lease brought to my attention more. The tree branch on the left really catches my eye since its so in focus. Maybe cropping that out all together would work, but then we may not know its in a tree. Interesting!

  4. The elements you’ve chosen in this image are excellently suited for the inspiration you’ve mentioned. The composition works well considering the placement of the lights in the background. The stationary branches on the left really set off the subtle motion blur of the ornament on the right.
    The lights do compete for attention, but they are also necessary in defining the depth of space in the image. Excellent use of depth of field as well.

  5. The narration and concept of this photograph was executed beautifully. I like the short depth of field in that it allows the viewers eye to focus on the ornament but still having containing a reference to the christmas tree. I like that the ornament is a little blurry, it helps create a sense of motion which works well with your idea of The Nutcracker Ballet. I like how this photograph is framed as well. While most of the subject matter is contained in the right side of the frame the pine needles on the left side of the frame makes the viewers eye move through the scene smoothly. I like the muted color palette as well, it creates this sense that something magical is about to happen as night falls. The only thing I would change about this photograph would be to burn down the brightness of the lights, they are a little distracting in that my eye is immediately drawn to them. Great work!

  6. Very elegant photo. It really reminds me of the cold darkness (the good parts) associated with the holidays, esp. Christmas. I think the imagery definitely connects to your inspiration. I think your technical choices (DOF, slower shutter speed?, etc) help make the image appear soft and nostalgic, at least for me. Good work.

  7. I like the idea behind the image, i think that your narrative fits with the image. I feel the image would have worked better if the figure was sharper. I find my eye drawn to the branch of the christmas tree rather than the figure.

  8. I get a specific feeling from viewing this image. Somewhat mystical, and very soft. I especially like how the lights were captured and the way the figure is blurred in the foreground right. The clarity in the pine needles on the left balance out the blurred figure to the right, and although I personally think this helps to create an interesting photo, some may say it confuses where the focal point should be. I would enjoy seeing more photos that follow lines and feeling from the Tale of the Nutcracker.

  9. This picture for me too blurry. The only thing in the picture is the pine needle. I personally don’t understand the concept. It the figure an ornament or something else. I don’t know. I do like your use of DOF though, you did a good job at focusing on the pine needle and having the rest our of focus.

  10. I agree with the above comment. I think that this would have been way more successful if the actual ornament was in focus.

  11. The depth of field in this photo is originally what caught my eye. I really like the blurred effect on the ornament, and the blurred lights. Nice job!

  12. This picture is so well done. The composition really works for the story as well as the lighting. I felt a deep sense of nostalgia when I looked at this picture. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I liked the context included in your description; without it, this is still a lovely image, but that line creates a narrative in the photo I may not have seen otherwise. The composition and coloring of this image is very warm and inviting.

  14. The long exposure of this photo is so awesome. Also, the focus on the plant instead of the nutcracker is so interesting. I love the lighting and this theme in general. Great photo.

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