8 thoughts on “Vivian M Lee”

  1. I especially get the photojournalism feel from the top photo. The cropping, black frame, and subject give that feel. The bottom photo gives that feel as well, but not as much. The busyness of the photo and the lack of distinctive subject makes me feel this way. The top also feels like a specific event, where the bottom doesnt feel like anything special or worthy of a photojournalism piece.

  2. I appreciate the way that you have handled your subject matter. It is as an objective observer, which is important to the field of photojournalism, but also relates to the subject you are portraying. I would push this further to include not just a quick blurb about what is going on in the specific photo, but including this as an entire photo essay in combination with the photos.

  3. You have chosen a very unique event to cover– it presents a lot of unique opportunities for using both color and composition to tell your story. I would suggest that you try to move in to your subjects a bit more. Both shots feel a little distant, like you are more of an observer than a participant. As a photojournalist, move in and become part of the action to get unique, personal shots. Good luck with this project– will you get to do additional shooting, or was this a one day event?

  4. I like your approach to these narrative photographs. I agree with the comments above that there seems to be a certain distance from your subjects. As a photojournalist try moving closer to your subjects so that the viewers can connect more with the subjects. I like the content of both of these photographs, especially since the Hmong community has become a prominent demographic in the upper midwest. The composition and colors are beautiful in both of these prints. You could keep both of these prints as a part of your series but also offer a closer shot so that we can become part of the scene. Keep up the great work.

  5. The observer point of view is consistent with that idea of objectivity journalism claims. I really enjoy these photographs — they capture and essence of each situation and event. I do think the format takes away from the photographs, however. I am reminded of those motivational posters that one sees in offices and school hallways. That aspect takes away from the image integrity. But nice compositions and interesting imagery overall.

  6. I enjoy the contrast in color and material in the dancers photograph. The elaborate embroidered silk in rich greens and golds against the institutional cement block walls and faux wood and cold metal doors. Details and effort contrasted against functional. I love the dirty sole of the dancer’s foot, despite the polished faces, hair and dress. Such a story here of the labor of love to keep traditions alive.

  7. I get the photojournalism feel from the top photo. The cropping if the photo works nice and placing it on a black background really compliments the photo and pushes the idea of journalism even more.

    Great Jon

  8. These photos represent the intersection between journalism and art so well. The compositions are interesting. The colors are my favorite part. It is vibrant and captivating. The captions make me want to read full articles about the New Year Event. Thank you for sharing.

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