21 thoughts on “Tamsie Lamoreaux”

  1. The two images above are exceptional pieces. The fact that they are in black and white helps the viewer get more emotion out of the photographs. Not only that, but the smooth texture seen in the skin makes you glide right over the photograph with your eyes.
    The only thing I would critique you on, would be the middle of the second image. I like the fact that you can’t quite tell what part of the body it is, but the lower center region is a bit too undefined. I can see there is something there, but not sure what.

  2. tamsie, i like what you’ve done with the black&white! i think it’s interesting how you seem to be focusing more on silhouettes than “landscapes” this time, and i’m really glad you’ve decided to stay in the same area of shooting as last semester. i think the shapes and textures work really well with the flat black background, and i can’t wait to see more of what you’ve done! i’m doing my best to be able to come to show on friday! 🙂

  3. I have already commented on your color work in this series. But I have to say that I really enjoy the black and white. They are so beautiful. There is such fluidity and elegance with the black and white. It is completely different from the color work which had a very solid, almost heavy feeling. The smooth, even texture of the skin is captivating and tactile. I love how the body recedes and disappears into the darkness. Over all I think I prefer these to the ones you have done with color.

  4. These two photographs are very beautiful. These two photographs are the strongest that I have seen from your series. I really enjoy the use of black and white in this series, it helps create a beautiful contrast between the white of the skin and the black and the background. It helps the forms really stand out. I like that you are losing the texture of the skin, it helps abstract these body parts even further. I think there is enough reference to the body that the texture is not missed. Your lighting is very strong as well, you are able to create beautiful depth with your light and shadows. The composition of the top photograph is very beautiful. The “s” curve that the body takes really makes it easy for the viewers eye to move seamlessly through the image. It leaves me wondering if that form is male or female, a question that I think you should leave unresolved because it makes the image more dynamic. I like the second image but wish there was more black space at the bottom, the curvature of the body is becoming lost in the bottom of the frame. Great work and look forward to seeing more.

  5. Compared to the other series, this is turning out nicely. Beautifully done and interesting to look at. The abstract, biomorphic shapes are heightened by the black and white. And the curves you choose to photograph form a nice horizontal composition. Maybe for the next images from this series trying something less centered composed and maybe different parts of the body.

  6. These are exceptional compositions. Contrary to what was mentioned earlier, I love how the part of the body is obscured by the composition. It gives it a new form and frees it from any preconceived stereotypes. You have excellent tonal ranges. subtle lighting emphasizing the elegance of the figure.

    The black background really gives the figure its own volume as well. Overall, very well done.
    A great start to a wonderful series.

  7. These are wonderful! I like the soft focus as well as the delicate folds of the skin. These almost abstract landscapes of human form are very interesting to look at. They are well lit and work well black and white.

  8. The subtle and soft contrast as well as the composition is surprising to me in both of these photographs. They surprise me in a good way in how well they work together. I think that because the full body shown it gives the viewer enough recognition to see that it’s a human body but still makes them wonder exactly where and how, especially the bottom photo.

  9. Very beautiful digital works. They look like silver prints. The color and tone feels so soft; the composition is stunning. Both images look very elegant. Nice usage of the light and black background. I really wonder how you lighted the subject. It looks so soft and smooth. I also love the beautiful texture of the skin.

  10. These pictures drew me in from the moment I saw them. I love the lighting on the body. The figure’s curves are what really captures the beautiful essence.

  11. I love these images. The soft black and white makes the body almost touchable. The choice of angle is very interesting and makes the body forms almost seem unnatural.

  12. beautiful technique in this piece the black and whites go together very well. when i first looked at this piece it caught my eye and i wanted to know more about this piece, but thats the best part i liked about it that it had a mystery type feel to it. the way the body was positioned and the view it was taken turned out great. lovely piece!

  13. I like how you’ve shot these images; based upon the angle and the section of the body you’ve included in the composition, it’s not immediately obvious what the image is. I think of the two images, the first one is better. Given that you can’t see the backside of the figure in the second image, it becomes increasingly more abstracted and almost starts to look like a landscape rather than a figure. I think it would have been beneficial to the composition to also include the back in this image.

  14. The bodies in this composition remind me of renissance sculptures. The black and white photography is beautiful. I wish you would have given a description about what made you pick bodies to photograph. Also these pictures show that curves are good and puts them in a positive light. So many people now a days think twig thin people are pretty. I personally think this photograph shows whats really beautiful about the body, how it can have these amazing curves that make for a great composition.

  15. The texture of the skin on your two figures is amazing to look at. I immediately first thought of Roman or Greek sculptures, twisted into a mythical ancient story. I really enjoy the “real” look of the bodies, and not a photoshopped version of what we like to see bodies look like.

  16. The bodies seem sort of abstract and i really like that you know what it is but it isn’t completely straight forward. The lighting is also very nice and has a soft effect on the subject.

  17. I think this is amazing work. I love the way the human body is abstracted to such an extreme degree, that you almost lose the fact that the subject is a body. The lowlights / shadows are the ultimate deciding factor in a image such as this. Especially when shot in black and white- It makes the shot that much more powerful. Black and white gives the photo a strength that I feel a colored image would not have been able to stand up to.

    Stephen Kruse
    WMU 10/24/12

  18. These shots are beautiful, the low contrast and elegant cropping of the figures are perfect. I think that these photos would be great in a large series. The curves of the figures almost look like landscapes. It took me a while to understand what part of the body the bottom photo was. Great shots!

  19. There is a otherwordly quality in these two bodyscapes. The skin is procelain-like, the body is levitated, asexual, and under great tension. These photographs have some strange formal choices, but they are pleasing to look at in a series.

  20. Your choice of contrast and brightness work really well. The images seem to have a “soft” feel which works nicely with the soft skin. The composition you chose is very interesting but does a nice job of highlighting her curves and divots that we often lose in the day-to-day advertisement.

  21. I really resonate with your photos because I am trying to accomplish the same feats as you. One of the things I love about photography is that you can play around with shadows and highlights and capture it at the same time. The way you abstracted these bodies are so well done because you have focused in on every single detail. This almost looks like a renaissance painting of a close up of the woman’s body. I also think you did a good job of almost showing the femininity of the woman even if that was not your intention. The way her body curves looks like the ideal curve a woman should “so-called” have. I also really enjoy the contrast between the stark black background and the greyness of the body. Even though you could easily bump up the highlights, I think it was a good choice not to because it adds to the eeriness of the whole piece. I enjoyed your piece thoroughly and you seem to have a really good eye for shadows and shapes!

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