U of Wisconsin, Madison

Stephanie Nutt

Stephanie Nutt
Art 699: Photography Independent Study
Digital Prints; 18″ x 12″
2 from Series of 30

From the series A Twisted Tale in which I am using a child’s imagination within a rural setting as my main subject. Incorporating the technique of light painting within various night scenes I am hoping to provided a glimpse into the dreams and fantasies of a child, accentuating the landscape and the power of the child’s imagination.

12 thoughts on “Stephanie Nutt”

  1. Interesting use of light. Gives it a theatrical feel. I also like how it selects and focuses on these objects. I just wonder why the specific location? Why rural and not a different setting.

  2. I actually disagree with the above, I think the setting works well because it gives it more of a fantasy-like feeling to the photos. I wouldn’t ever expect to see stuffed animals set up in such a way in the woods and I think it’s very interesting and definitely keeps my interest. I think the bottom photograph is working more successfully. I like the composition and use of lighting, but the top photograph doesn’t do as great of a job leading my eye around the entire photo and it seems a bit bottom heavy. Other than that, I think you are onto something really great, good work!

  3. I enjoy the surreal aspect that these photos have. The setting for these stuffed animals is very odd, and the photos definitely achieve the ‘twisted’ feel. The bottom image is more successful, my mind gets lost in how much negative space there is in the upper photo.

  4. I definitely get a child – like fantasy vibe from these images, except for the fact that the stuffed animal is being killed..haha I think that would be scary for a child. The lighting on these and the contrast is awesome though!

  5. Its interesting to see a child’s imagination as something curious about destruction rather than happy go lucky imagery. For some reason the negative is always ignored and the positive images are in the forefront.

  6. Really comes to show what some children can dream up. Although it looks like an execution took place, something gruesome and terrible, their is no blood or splatters. instead the blood is replaced by the cotton inside your stuffed animals, but it still feels dark and evil. I love the oranges in your second photo, it really blends everything together. I would have liked angles of trees or brush on the edges of the picture to be pointing in towards the center.

  7. I really enjoy these images and the use of the toy in each image. Although, the second image is a bit morbid, it brings a smile to my face, i find them rather comical, and I really think that plays a part in what you are trying to convey as a children’s dreams. Great concept would really like to see the whole series.

  8. These are really interesting. It reminds me of a realistic Alice in Wonderland gone bad. I think that this is a really interesting concept, and I would love to see more images from this series.

  9. A little disturbing but I really like these light paintings. The black really helps frame the picture. while adding a little evil. The subject matter of the picture is really compelling however it reminds me of my puppy with the torn up stuffed animals.

  10. These images are a little bit disconcerting to me. After reading your information about them… I’m not sure that I would imagine this as a child’s fantasy. I see more of a child’s nightmare – more of a demented reality than fantasy. I wonder what made you choose these images verses something happier. I think that the light painting is a wonderful idea, however, I also think that it contributes to the feeling that these images are a bit sinister.

  11. I found it interesting that this was the subject matter and setting you chose to do for a glimpse into children’s dreams, but if the eeriness was something you were going for I think it affectively gives a peak into the darker side of dreams. It seems a little scary because of the rural setting but I like how you are able to bring brightness to the photos with your use of light.

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