2 thoughts on “Andrea Hoffman”

  1. The combination of these two photos is really striking. There is an absolute narrative that plays out with a smiling girl and a graveyard scene. I think the series about an experience with a book can be easily understood, even from just two photos. I’d love to see all 12. The snapshot feel and high contrast seems to be working with this narrative. I think the flowers could be dodged a little to make them pop more, as well as the face of the girl. The hand in the lower left corner of the girl could also be burned down. The stark white makes my eye focus there when it isn’t an important part of the photo. The compositions seem well thought out.

  2. I love your composition in the second image, the blurriness in the background and the sharp focus in the foreground makes this image satisfying to look at. The first image has very strong contrast, and I love it.

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