5 thoughts on “Brittnay Wilson”

  1. Successfully incorporating text into a photograph is hard to do. I do not mind the text, but its presence does not convinvce me. First of all, the positon of the phrases feel a bit off. The “This is not for you” phrase could be placed on the fence, the letters moving back in space as the fence does, which might integrate it into the photograph more. Also, the words “Is” and “a” get lost in the second photograph. Secondly, I think the type font is not working as well as it could.

    However, I do find the justapositon of the phrases with the image very interesting. You might consider simply naming the prints with the phrases instead of physically putting the phrases on the image. Or making the phrases characters within the image could make the photographs feel less forced. I also really enjoy the black and white prints and definitely get the sense that this is personal – a memory, thought, or idea. i would defnitely be interested in reading Brave New World and seeing how my experience differs from yours.

  2. I am not always a huge fan of text within images but this seems to work for you! It is a hard thing to do to incorporate text, visually it is appealing within your work, I am however questioning the saying you have in your first image. As an audience member I don’t see the connection between your text and imagery.

    Overall Great Work though and keep working with text I would love to see how you work as evolved.

  3. I’m not sure I understand why you’ve told us what your compositions are trying to convey in text. Rather than supporting a concept, the text seems to explain it outright, which distracts from the work. The words are strangely positioned, and the sans-serif typeface you’ve chosen lacks personality in both style and treatment. It’s hard for me to evaluate the photographs at all because of your use of text here.

  4. From a design standpoint, I am not a huge fan of the font you chose and the placement of the texts in these two photos, but I think the concept is strong and you have some good photographs. Maybe I’d be more enlightened if I was familiar with the work of fiction off of which these are based. I was first reminded of Ed Ruscha, who uses text in his paintings. Other text artists who come to mind are Mel Bochner, Barbara Kruger, and Jenny Holzer, and there are many others who serve as good inspiration as well.

  5. I really like your use of text in these photographs. I think it’s really impressive that you were able to incorporate it with silver prints and the concept is really interesting to me. I think the text would have stood out more if you had placed it differently, or maybe used a different font, but the overall idea of it was super cool and inspired me.

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