Kellogg Community College

Amanda Spencer

Amanda Spencer
ART 230: Digital Color Photography 2
Digital Print; 9″ x 9″
2 of a series of 13

This assignment is called ‘Old is New’. We were required to shoot images through a twin lens reflex camera using a digital camera to capture what the twin lens saw. I love the reflections on the glass of the twin lens. It gave an eerie feel to the photos which worked quite well considering the subject matter.

6 thoughts on “Amanda Spencer”

  1. I agree that the reflections add an element that works well with the tombstone imagery. I really like that idea of photographing through a lens, through a lens, through a lens. The self awareness in the photographs plays into the spirituality often present in cemeteries.

  2. I really enjoy the technique used with these two photographs. In a world that has become digital its refreshing to see how artists/photographers are using equipment that is considered “outdated” to make new and interesting photographs. I agree that there is an eerie essence associated with these two photographs, which really works well with your subject matter. For me the strongest photograph is the first one. I like the composition of this photograph, by shooting close and at an angle it helps to create a sense of neglect, which makes the photograph really dynamic. Coupled with the reflections it creates a photograph that is loaded with a narrative. The only thing I would change about this photograph is the black object that appears at the lower left corner of the frame. It is a little distracting. Try reshooting or clone stamping it out. Over all great work and continue to use this technique, it could lead you to a incredibly interesting body of work.

  3. These photographs do have an eerie cast, though this could be mostly because of your chosen subject matter, and not the method itself. As you continue to work on the series, my suggestion would be to embrace the spontaneity and mystery this equipment creates. Rather than choosing a premeditated setting, take the camera about and shoot from the hip to see what happens.

  4. I love the idea of shooting through a lens of twin reflex. The reflection caused by the lenses creates a ghostly appearance which is appropriate with the subject matter. I feel like both images are strong but I personally am drawn to the second image. It has a the feeling of a lost memory and the refection acts as an unseen presence. These images create a strong narrative. Good Work!

  5. This is my first thing seeing the technique of twin lens, and I think it is really interesting. It works really well with the theme of your photos, giving them a ghostly eerie feel. My only suggestion is to make the images a little brighter and a tad more contrast. Really neat idea, and I would love to see more of your work!

  6. these photos are beautiful and I love the concept of cemeteries and the idea of life and death, so I like that you picked this place. You are right the photos do give a nice eerie detail and I love it. Nice job with focusing and the color tones. The twin lens idea is so interesting and I think it really makes these pictures better than just taking normal pics of cemetery tombstones.

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