9 thoughts on “Megan McCormick”

  1. These photographs are absolutely hilarious. I really enjoy how you turned, who I assume is Kathleen Falk, into a poster, an advertisement. You cut off her mouth and all you see are her eyes, her nose, and the top of her head. So much about politicians are about their mouths, what they have to say, how they are slandering their opponent, what their platform is, and who they are not listening to.

    I like the honesty in these photographs. They are not promotional but rather refreshingly normal. Politicians want you to remember those flashy commercials and dazzling smiles when a voter sees his or her name on a poster and eventually on the ballot. But the truth is, the campaign trail is much more hard work and speeches in hotel conference rooms.

  2. I agree with the previous comment about the way you’ve depicted politicians; your framing there was smart and interesting, and I enjoy it in contrast with the frankness of the second image. The color in these photographs is also incredibly rich, and you managed the usually tricky matter of indoor ambient lighting really well.

  3. These photo’s are fun and beautiful. I really enjoy how you cropped out the woman’s face, and I believe the over all focus of the second is well laid out. However, some part of me wishes for more images revolving around the same woman. I wish there was a set. Anyway, wonderful job, and keep up the good work!

  4. I enjoy the continuity of the two images with the similar color scheme in the background. I also enjoy the way that the first image is cropped just as if the lady is peeking over something it adds a playful vibe. I don’t know if i fully understand the reason that the sign with the name is on the wall other then the fact the it is most likely the women shown in the first image.

  5. I really love the comedy in both of your photographs. At first I wasn’t sure if the bottom photograph was a strong piece, but I love how it plays with the top photo. They work wonderfully together. I understand that in the bottom photo there would need to be other elements to it than just the sign, but the items on the wall are kind of distracting, I love the beige hotel banquet hall wallpaper in the background, adds to the comedy of these pictures. The top shot is great, the playfulness is perfect and subtle not over the top and obnoxious. Great photos!!

  6. These images are actually comical…well the first one. You really captured the essence of someone running for a political campaign because they are always on edge, always look concerned. Glad you picked both of these to submit together.

  7. I really love your compositions and cropping. Also the colors are nice and it all seems very unified. It is interesting in content and in visual appearance. It’s also nice that you put the subject of each photo in the same corner to create an even more unified feel to it. Great photos!!

  8. I think that this is an interesting crop. I think the fact that her eyes are looking away from the camera allows this to work well in the photo.

  9. I like the idea you were going for in the first photo but think you need to develop it further, I don’t think you have the composition figured out yet. In the second one I’m not sure how they relate but I’m guessing that it’s the woman’s sign? Otherwise good job!

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