10 thoughts on “Jennifer Eppinger”

  1. I’m not sure of this photograph’s context or meaning, but I think it functions very well as a snapshot. The slight yellowness of the lighting is inviting and soft, and the way you’ve positioned the subject in the frame is really interesting, suggesting spontaneity and a level of personal understanding.

  2. I like the attention to detail you took with these. still photography with selected motion has a sweet spot with me. It breathes life into still images.

    My favorite of the two is the man stirring his drink. the stare in his face I can relate more to. I also like the composition of light in the top shot, as I feel the bottom image is a little too dark. There is the attention of light in both, but the overall composition of the upper image is my favored. 🙂

  3. These phototgraphs caught my eye. The awkward hand motions , off beat expressions, and warm colors make the subjects look odd and out of place. I’m not sure if the goal was to obtain a good chuckle but i liked it.

  4. I enjoy the movement of the images, I find it very intriguing to look at, it gives the images a little something extra. Compositionally I enjoy the top images more, although; i wish the top of his head wouldn’t have been cropped. I think the top images is a little stronger than the bottom. The bottom image to me is to dark and the colors seem to be a little strange, maybe a tad bit too yellow. Fun images though.

  5. The big reason why these images caught my eye was because go the movement in the spoon and the wash clothes. I find it interesting how you made that work. The facial expressions made me laugh because they are both such straight faces. There is a lot of yellow light in these images especially in the second photo. The light may be my least favorite things about these images.

  6. I have always wanted to learn how to make a continuous GIF with my photo’s but have never quite been able to figure out how. I love these two animated photos but I would have to say that my favorite is the second one. Something about her stare and the mood is great!

  7. I love these! I think it’s working out nicely and I like how they both show people staring into space, almost like they are there physically, but mentally there are somewhere else completely. It gives a feeling of numbness that could be really interesting to explore. Nice work!

  8. I love the scenes you decided to portray in both these and the other set of gif images you had on here. It’s moments that happen in our everyday lives so often that they’re often overlooked, not taken for subtle impact they play on our overall day, week, etc. The only thing I would change (which I realize would require much more effort than I am aware of) is the expression on the face of the person laying on the couch. I would have been really nice to see some motion in his/her face, looking at it now kind of seems like theyre dead and not just sick haha. Overall one of my favorite collections from this school.

  9. These are so cool! I love the first one, his face just looks like fuck off I need my coffee hah, and in the expression or lack of expression in the second photo is almost erie.

  10. I really enjoy these photos because at first glance you cannot tell they are moving. It took me a moment to notice the movement and I really enjoy that the photos that move only have one part that moves- that nothing else in the background moves. It makes for a very purposeful focal point.

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