12 thoughts on “Katie Garth”

  1. I really like the use of lighting in these two pictures. I think it’s interesting how you used the reflection of the streetlights off of the house and the trees to capture shadows and interesting angles. The fact that you used lighting that was already positioned makes the images very interesting because it is obvious that a lot of thought was put into what angle the picture was taken depending on its position to the streetlights. These images have a very mysterious feel to them, and causes the viewer to create their own ideas of the story behind the neighborhood, and house specifically. Although I think overall, these images are working, I do feel that the image of the house is very straightforward, and could have been shot from a more interesting perspective, rather than straight on.

  2. Are these HRES pictures? where you underexposed and overexposed as well, then combined all of the pictures to have a higher depth of light and vividity?

    I like the composition of the first picture with where the house is positioned and the framing you chose for the picture. Is it possible these are long exposures?

    I don’t see any movement off the leaves in the tree in the second picture.

  3. Both of these images give me a sense of loneliness, both of the photo lack human interference, but give the sense that someone is close, but far.

    For the first image it seems like someone longing for the person in the house, but then continues to walk away in the second picture alone. The composition of the first image is much better, I feel, than the sec on image. Although; I do enjoy the way the second image draws you eye down the street.

  4. The compositions in both of these images is very intriguing. I really like the strength of the street lights in these images, and almost seems brighter than they would b win actuality. The way that you positioned the photographs is interesting too. I really can appreciate the way that the street lamp posts lead up to the lines in the house on the top image. The way that the trees line up is interesting as well. What I find most interesting is the light coming through the windows in the top image, it makes me feel like I want to be inside the room with the light on, and it’s very inviting. If there were one thing that I would say is not my favorite part is the place where the house cuts off. I like how the point of the house is contained within the image but the way that it just ends at the bottom of the page isn’t contained is perplexing. I can see how you may have tried to resolve this by having the street lamps connect to it.

  5. First off, I’d like to say that I love the way you have captured the light in such a dark setting. I know that is something I personally struggle with and you’ve made, what is a completely dark setting normally, look illuminated. I also love that the shots are simple, everyday subjects that most people see on a regular basis. You made the ordinary look beautiful without actually altering the physical appearance of the subject. The second image in my personal favorite for a few reasons. For one, I love the way the light is shinning through the leaves in the upper right hand corner, as well as the shadows on the sidewalk that it creates. I also love that with so many straight lines, they seem to make a curve. I mean, the trees, the lamp posts, the houses, the road, the sidewalk, everything is a straight line. Somehow, there is still a curve that my eye follows in the positioning of each line. Well done, I really enjoyed these images.

  6. I love the mood of these photographs. They have a happy, family feel to them. I really enjoy them and the skill it would take to get these shots. I really enjoy the lighting used in these photograph. The only thing that I don’t like is the crop of the first photograph. It feels a little bit to close for comfort. But they are both still very lovely.

  7. I enjoy the dramatic night scene in the fact that it looks true to its nature. The image looks very dramatic in the lighting you chose to use but also feels comforting and ordinary.

  8. i like the two images together, their both the same but different which is good. i like the lighting as well it gives it a sort of creepy feel to it. both the images have a sense of loneliness to it which i also enjoy in both these shots

  9. Hey Katie, these photos are quite nice. There is a deep orange glow in both your pictures which remind me of pumpkin lantern light. I feel these scenes could be found in a Hollywood Halloween horror film but the first is definitely scarier with the twisted tangled branches in front of the tall house. The second seems like an average street before the October holidays. The color, and suburban scene connects these photos.

  10. I think the lighting in these photos are really eye-catching and working nicely. The top photo gives me an eerie feeling, like you as the viewer are stalking this house, with the focus being on the windows and with the barren trees in front. I don’t get quite the same creepy feeling that I think you may have been going for in the second photo. I think it just seems like you’re going for a late night stroll and the lush green trees make it seem more full of life and more optimistic. Also, the scenes are very different. I think you could have some really cool photos if you keep working like you did with the first one. Nice work!

  11. Beautiful image quality, especially in the low light. There is a sense of eeriness in the top photo because you have closed in on the upper windows in the house. I think that this gives a strong conceptual feel, and I want to know why these two images are related.

  12. I really love the subject matter of these images. They make it seem so real. The lighting in both images is beautiful! The images remind me of Halloween.

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