14 thoughts on “Robert Rock”

  1. Both of these photo are compositionally well placed. I really enjoy these two images together. They give off a very etherial kind of feel, love the lighting on her face and how it matches the back ground of the tree and grass, it makes it seem like she is part of the land. Would love to see the whole group.

  2. I think these photographs are beautiful. It really captures the person and who she is. They are so natural looking and seem to be what she was looking to portray in the picture of herself. In the first photo I’m not partial to the angle chosen but it is still beautiful in its own way.

  3. Personally, I love these images. There is one thing, though, that I would have preferred. I would either like to see both images in color or both images with one filter, not different ones. The top image is my favorite, almost as if this is a faceless portrait, you cannot see the eyes therefore you are asked to read further into the whole image itself. The lighting in the second one is absolutely beautiful but, again, I would have liked to see it in color. Beautiful images, well done!

  4. Both images are pretty good. Though I feel like going from Sepia toned to Black & White does disconnect them briefly. I personally find the top image more interesting, cropping in closely onto the subjects hair and face.
    Also, I don’t quite care for the bokeh on the bottom issue. I’m guessing it was tree branches. That said, it might look the way it does because of the low-resolution required for this site, so I’d have to see the original photo to be sure, but it just looks a little off as-is. Good contrast in the image though.

  5. I like the composition of the top picture. I agree that the sepia tone to black and white disconnects the two pictures. I feel that the top picture is stronger than the bottom, which might be like Steve said, possibly it’s a lower resolution?

  6. i really like both of these shots together it makes me think of a diptych imagery. i like the use of colors in each picture it makes them stand out. great work i like it!

  7. The top photo is my favorite of the two. You can see the curls in the hair and its beautiful. The image of you sitting there is pretty but the shadows are distracting. I think fixing the shadows would help that image.

  8. I really like the way that these photographs play off each other. They are both really nice in their tones and how the light is gathering in them. I really think that these portray a person very well. I don’t really fully understand the first photograph but I think it is still very beautiful.

  9. I find the first image to be the stronger image. I believe that the images would be stronger as a grouping if one color scheme had been chosen. I love the amount of detail in the first image in the hair and the lighting as well.

  10. I especially like the texture of the top image in the hair. The sepia tone gives the image a particular feeling that works well and the way the face is hidden can let the photo imply a number of things. I think the bottom photo is a lovely portrait that may have been better suited in color. The dress the model is wearing blends into the background, and although the image is clear, it becomes muddled and confusing visually.

  11. I find the distance between you and your subject appealing in the first photo. The highlights in the second photo are a bit distracting.

  12. Very nice, the only improvement I can think of is to not have her hair on the first one take up about half of the shot and go for the good ole one third two thirds thang. I also agree with the comments above about the highlights being distracting.

  13. I like the sun dappling in the bottom photo, most of the time photographers would avoid light like that, but I like how you ran with it.

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