Western Michigan University

Steven Miller

Steven Miller
Art 3470 – Digital Photo I
Digital Print; 8″ x 10″

Description: This was a lighting/DOF study shot conveniently while also shooting a wedding. I’m a fan of high-contrast lighting, as it generally makes imagery more interesting. My goal was to create a high contrast with the foreground and background. I also wanted to create silhouettes within the background, which would mask the fading sun.

5 thoughts on “Steven Miller”

  1. as a pair they work well together. i think the top photo is more successful. its cool how the landscape is a “silhouette.” the reflection on the water, particularly on the top image, really makes them interesting to look at.

  2. These are gorgeous. I love the use of shadows and light. The water causes a wonderful reflection, and it is well thought out. Well done, Steven. 🙂

  3. I personally don’t like the subject in these photos, weddings are to cliche for me. However, I love your angles, the lighting and reflections are beautiful. You found a great location and time of day for these photos. You completed your goal of creating contrast with the foreground and background. Tight job Steven.

  4. I like the lighting in you images. They really look super cool in the way that they are almost standing on the water. The reflections are very nice also. I like the time of day you choose makes the coloring really nice and soft.

  5. The lighting in these images is amazing. The high contrast lighting and the setting definitely work well together and it adds a bit of romanticism which works well with the concept/theme of these photos.

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