3 thoughts on “Paulo Gasca”

  1. I really like the composition of this photograph. The colors are on key too. It seems like it may be slightly overexposed, but I really like the shadows that it creates because of that. The use of the robot man newspaper stand seems like its a photograph for a series or a book like he’s the character. The leading lines also point my eye in the right focus area. This is overall pleasing to look at.

  2. I really like how this image is composed it makes me feel like the robot seems to be waiting to cross the street. The lighting is very effective in setting the mood and i think it works best for this image because i do not think it would work if you took this shot during the day with different lighting.

  3. I like the composition of this photo. The lighting of the picture really sets the mood. It makes it feel like a nice cool night. The lights in the image also really set the picture with the different shadows. I really enjoy this image.

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