Western Michigan University

Stephen Kruse

Stephen Kruse
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

These two images were captured on a trip to Lake Michigan to shoot a Landscape/Seascape/Cityscape assignment. Although they do not fit into that specific task, I think the two images convey the mix of nature and man made structures I encountered and experienced that day.

15 thoughts on “Stephen Kruse”

  1. I really enjoy the structure and symmetry found in the second image. I find the repetition very interesting and you’ve done a great job of angling your shot so that the sides are as even as possible. As far as the first photo is concerned, it’s a lovely image, but I don’t find it terribly interesting.

  2. I find the second image to be amazingly interesting to look at. it really draws my eyes in. The lighting is super interesting in the second one as well.

  3. Out of the two, I enjoy the second image the most. The repeating pattern, the perfectly blue sky, and the fact that everyone knows what this is, makes this image pop for me. I also love how you almost have the image cut into 4 perfect squares. While the first one doesn’t keep my attention as long, it is still a very good picture. The lines in it move the eye, and colors are gorgeous. Over all, well done!

  4. I noticed your 2nd photo first, it has so many guiding lines. That is a strange angle to capture the structure from, I’m not exactly sure what it is. Your first photo is nice, Its one of those pretty images you’d see on a Mac desktop. It looks like the sun is burning the tops of the trees on it, nice job.

  5. Well, I’ve noticed that everyone is really fond of your second image but personally, I rather prefer your first! The colors are ridiculously vivid and the lighting is really soft and beautiful! I really like it! I also like your second image, the lines pulling you through the image make the photograph more interesting. I feel as though the images together, as a set, would go better together if they were both horizontal. I don’t like looking at them together when they are going different directions. Otherwise, great images! Well done!

  6. not totally sold on the top image, but the bottom one is sweet. i love the shapes and colors. im not sure if centering the subject is the best decision, but it works well. nice shot.

  7. I really love the top picture. It makes me feel like I am lost in the forest but it is okay. I also love the shapes that the bottom picture makes. The only thing that I think could make the bottom images more appealing would be if there were more clouds in the sky to break away from it being so blue.

  8. I really like the tower. the composition is great and the geometric lines and shapes are awesome. This is a very strong piece. I also like the trees and the framing you used for the shot. I like how the yellow leaves toward the center of the photo are almost transparent.

  9. I enjoy the lines that the second image has, it creates a sense of movement for the eye which is exciting. The first image is beautiful in its own form, but not particularly exciting.

  10. I love the geometry of the second images. I am a big fan of patterns so my eye was drawn to this picture. I think you did a great job with the composition. I like that you chose to have the two main lines be perpendicular on the page. I think the picture would be different otherwise. Good Job!!

  11. You represented the man made structures so successfully in the second picture. That structure which is almost full symmetry looks very fascinating to me. And the difference of the lines made by light makes the scene even better.
    The first photo is also a good one, especially the angel you choose to shoot. But I’d like to see more levels in the background leaves.

  12. The first things that struck me about these pictures were the lighting and the composition. They work really well together! The tree shot is actually very interesting because we can’t even see the base of the trees but the amount of leaves and branches aren’t too powerful. My attention goes to the colors and the light. Nice job! The tower shot has a good composition and framing.

  13. The colors and lines in both photos are so pretty from your special perspective. Lights and shades are so clear. It is interesting to look at those natural and everyday objects in a lower view and it makes me start thinking about the different point of views between other smaller creatures and us.

  14. I love the structure you captured in the second images, which not only shows the detail, but also giving a feeling of space. And also a good lighting and color contrast.

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