10 thoughts on “Elliot Langejans”

  1. When i saw this i was jealous i didn’t think of this. I know exactly where you are in this photo. I tried to do a similar picture but it one big window of the cityscape reflection. I think you achieved this idea better then me. Their are four reflections of the building but the bottom two reflections look like one making the image better because odds are more pleasing to the eye when using repetition. Great Job! Cool idea.

  2. Now I just love the distortion of the reflection in this. The reflection of the blue sky against the old fashion looking buildings is a really neat scene. I think it’s cool how the image looks cropped into a bunch of distorted scenes of the same thing. Great Shot!

  3. I really like this image! It’s more interesting than just taking a picture of a building. The images are repeated, giving you a pattern to look at, something repetitive and pleasing! I even love how the color of the building changes toward the bottom of the image. Well done!

  4. I really like the abstraction of this photograph. The colors are balanced well and the composition is very interesting. It is very geometric as far as shapes go and I like how the lines of the buildings don’t quite match up.

  5. I really like the repetition and geometric forms you’ve captured here. I love this building! It’s so fun to photograph. Perhaps you could revisit the site and try to take more photos with a varied subject matter; play with the angle, the time of day, how many mirrors you include, etc. I think there are loads of possibilities!!

  6. This is a neat image. I’ve seen this building captured a few times, but have never seen it myself. I enjoy the pattern of reflections repeating but also changing with each different reflection. The coloring of the sky is beautiful and contrasts well with the bland color of the buildings. Nice work.

  7. This image is a very interesting use of reflection. The repetition is interesting but maybe it could be more interesting with a different subject.

  8. The reflection in this photograph is perfect. I enjoy the repetition within the scene. It gives the picture a very nice touch.

  9. I’m fascinated by the idea of using perspective distortion and architectural structure to compose an image. It is interesting to also think about the illusionistic grid shares the same function with the physical grid of building, which is to divid and constrain a viewer’s field of view.

  10. I like how you used the mirror/reflective side of a building to distort the view of another building. I think this technique really makes the viewer think about the photograph and the repetition of the same building adds to the photograph overall.

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