7 thoughts on “Jessica Harris”

  1. This is certainly a nostalgic photo for me, being the outdoors type. I think you captured a beautiful landscape for this study, and I enjoy how you framed/balanced the shot with the foreground tree down through the river in the opposite corner. Nicely done. My one complaint is the lens flare from the sun. It’s a little overbearing. This effect can be a good thing when used moderately, but I do this it’s a tad bright in this case. Otherwise good work.

  2. I really like the lens flare in the top left corner. the river is well exposed yet subtly salient.

    I think the landscape in this photo is slightly under exposed, with the sky slightly over exposed. It seems that metering was considered, but I’ve had better experience getting into things like bracketing exposures and combining the photos. This way you can shoot to under expose and properly expose the sky then bracket and properly expose the landscape. Might be something fun to try 🙂

  3. I really like the river scene, but more than anything i like the perspective you captured, its a downward angle. Were you in a tree? The texture of the water that you caught is also nice. That bright light on the side, its a nice touch. Is it overpowering though? I’m not sure, good job anyways, here have an A+, and a smiley face to go with it :O

  4. I like the image, and even the lens flare, but part of the flare (maybe?) makes the lens look dirty. If you could get the right flare, it would make this picture pop. Right now, just because of that weird flare, it makes me keep thinking that there had to be something on your lens. Good job with the composition, and keep up with the good work.

  5. I love the sun shining in the corner. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and like I could walk right into the space that you captured to explore the world. It seems a little dark to me but also very beautiful.

  6. This picture is beautiful. I am a fan of taking nature pictures. I like how the sun is shining through the trees. I think the sky in the back ground is a little over exposed so maybe burn that out if possible… I know that skies are dark. Good job though.

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