Western Michigan University

Julia Selwa

Julia Selwa
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 10.5″ x 7″

Description: For our project we needed an image of a landscape. While walking through a parking lot in downtown Detroit, I saw this. I immediately whipped out my tripod and camera and began snapping as many pictures as I could until the car lights and everything fell into place.

15 thoughts on “Julia Selwa”

  1. I really enjoy everything about this photograph. The composition is on key and the lines lead me to the right spot in the photograph. I really like the contrast and the absolute best part about this image is the color. I really like the two levels captured on the left and how they’re different lighting. It’s almost a metaphor for something, but it’s to be interpreted. The only thing I find somewhat distracting is the bottom right corner, I wish it was more of the street and not that. Other than that, amazing job, I love it!

  2. this city scape is different than most and thats what i like about it. there are a variety of colors in this which makes it stand out along with the angle and structure of the buildings. the composition is great as well. good shot!

  3. The colors in the image are absolutely astounding! I wouldn’t have thought of a shot like this as a landscape but I do love it as such! The lighting is beautiful, something hard to capture. I especially like the reflections on the street. Well done!

  4. This image is very interesting! The colors draw my eyes to it and then the detail makes me want to look at it longer because every time i look at it I see something that I didnt see the time before. It also makes me feel a sense of emotion due to the use of color.

  5. This image really caught my I, the colors are really great in this image. I like the repetition in form on the building and how the lines of the road lead the eye into the top right of the image. I think that this image works really great as you city scape.

  6. I actually enjoy this photo very much, it was one of my favorites from this assignment. I love the raw look of the city you managed to capture, and the time of day was wonderfully chosen. The coloring is gorgeous in this image, and very thought invoking. My only beef is the blurred object on the right side of the image? Handrail or something of that nature I’m guessing. I would have liked to have seen the red reflection from the stop light stretch down along the right side of the image. Good job.

  7. I like the composition and I can tell time and effort was taken for the optimal picture. I like the blend of colors and how contrasting certain parts of the frame are compared to others. I like the industrial feel of the cement in various lines.

  8. obviously the colors are awesome. the location is interesting as well. it looks like a little side street or back entrance to a big building, its good that it isn’t a “cliche” location. i wish that thing in the bottom right corner wasnt there though. nice shot!

  9. THis looks like a cityscape from the movie Tron or from a sci-fi video game. Its neon scheme separates it from the other photos near your image on the photo exchange page. And my favorite thing about your picture is the tube in the background blowing out smoke.

  10. The mood in this photo is so intriguing. I like how the rainy night made all the lights cast reflections on the street! I really get a deep urban downtown feel from this shot. And that one tiny red light in the background completes it for me! Great Shot!

  11. The colors in this are insane! The framing is very unique and the intense difference in the high quality distinction of the tones is amazing. What grabs me the most is the mood of each tone. The warm yellow area look like an airport exterior, with ominous green looks like a sub-level hall, and the gorgeous open blue has a very noire feel to it. Incredible work!

  12. I love the colors you have captured here. They are incredibly dynamic and work well together, it really reads like a city at night! I am slightly bothered by the blurry bit at the bottom right of the image, though. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s something that can be cropped out either, because then you would lose the really dynamic pop of red that is on the top right. Overall, it’s a great image!!

  13. I also really like the way the colors are working together, especially the blue line created by the street that streaks down the middle, and the gleam of the red light on the right.

  14. I love this lighting in this picture. The textures are so shiny and it makes the picture pop. I like how you captured the side of the city people don’t usually like to capture. I also would like to comment about the blurred part of the image. You couldn’t really crop it but that is definitely something you could have crapped out when you shot the picture. Very nice job other wise.

  15. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, It’s almost if Detroit’s night lights emit artificial rainbow. This street snapshot looks like a constructed futuristic scene because of this reason.

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