Western Michigan University

Benjamin Johnson

Benjamin Johnson
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 11″ x 7.3″
Series: Face-to-Face

Statement: These pictures were taken from a series I am making called face-to-face. The point of the series is create your own story between you and the image for you will never capture their entire face in one image.

5 thoughts on “Benjamin Johnson”

  1. I enjoy the ambiguity of these photos. The meaning is left up to the viewer and can be interpreted many ways. I especially like the second image, the composition is great.

  2. I really like your face-to-face idea and you did a good job on both photos. You made good use of space and lines to create special vibe. In second photo, those lines on the roof and on both sides brought my sight directly to the man.

  3. I loved the concept and how it connects it with you. The pictures have come out so well and the use of patterns, lines, and space is outstanding. For the first picture, I would have taken it from a little bit higher angle.

  4. The second image really stood out to me because I felt like it wasn’t a full black and white photograph but the way you captured the light and the silhouette makes it very mysterious and I love it. The top photograph isn’t my favorite just in the way it is framed and I feel there is a lot of emotion that is being stopped due to the way it was photographed.

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