U of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Jessica Schmidt

Jessica Schmidt
COMM 498 : Independent Study : Digital Compositing and Editing

The song used for the video is taken by an Uruguayan artist, named Guarco who in Spanish sings a song about a monster that is in his head. This monster burns in him and ‘walks the streets of his mind’. His mental state is questioned and it starts to eat away at him causing him negative and uneasy feelings. The artist is unsure if the monster will leave or not, and fears that he will be destroyed if it doesn’t.

1 thought on “Jessica Schmidt”

  1. I really like the compositions of each scene. Also I liked how some shots seemed repeated but not exactly the same. I couldn’t expect that the song was about anxiety, because the melody of the song is such a Caribbean-ish mellow sound and the video seemed relaxing to me. However, after reading the description, I could see some parts referring the uneasy feelings. Girl’s expression, some creepy dolls, etc. I enjoyed it.

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