Mississippi State University

Lucia Arellano

Lucia Arellano
ART 3873 Digital Photography
Digital Print 16in x 12in
5 Diptychs- 10 images total

I got the inspiration for this project while walking around campus one day. I was trying to figure out how to start on the assignment and I realized that every time I turned to look at something in nature, I thought of something man made. I wanted to show how, even though the natural world is diminishing because of man, we as humans/designers try to bring nature back by taking inspiration from it and use it to make everyday objects.

10 thoughts on “Lucia Arellano”

  1. I really love these two photos. I think they are both beautiful in their visual appearance and their meaning. We really do try and represent nature in so many ways and I think that’s a great idea to explore. I’m sure it happens all the time without us even being aware of it. These photos are beautifully lit and composed. The only thing I would suggest is to try and resemble the compositions within each diptych. For example, The roses have a nice ‘S’ like curve to the photo and that could be interesting to try and recreate with the dress. Just an idea, but I think these are working great!

  2. The use of parallel colors and lighting from the front right really makes these images and their similarities pop. The clarity and striking resemblance make me very curious to see the rest of this work.

  3. I love the concept of your photographs. They are both beautiful. I think that this concept is so true and makes for great photography. The only thing I would suggest is possibly make them a little more vibrant. But I like that they are both the same low lighting as well.

  4. I find the concept of these two images to be very interesting. I like that both of the images are dark it makes them more cohesive. I agree that the composition could be a little more interesting for both the images.

  5. It must be nice to still see these flowers around campus. 🙂 It’s a bit cold here. Anyway, nice use of colors, and I love that there is an undertone of a bigger concept behind these images. Something along the lines of a humans inability to separate themselves to far from nature. If you could possibly make the background for the dress a tad darker so that it matches the colors of the leaves, that would really make it pop. Great job, though. Keep up the great work.

  6. If I hadn’t read your description, I still would have understood your concept, it came across very clearly! I love both images in general, the color is really beautiful! I love that you almost matched the items perfectly, in color, arrangement and size! I completely agree with your description, I find myself forcing nature back into my life as an artist as well, what would we do without it? I think this was well done, great job!

  7. These images have a great concept.I like that you pay attention to little detail like what the wall color should be behing the dress. The pictures really go together well. You could do a whole series of these kind of images. It would be cool to see more.

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