Rollins College

Omead Tabrizi

Omead Tabrizi
ART 370 Introduction to Video Art

We experience music every second of our lives. Whether we are listening to our favorite songs, hearing cars drive by on our way to school, or simply silence, we are living in a world surrounded by noise. We hear through our ears yet it’s fascinating how we can create music in our minds; the imagined becomes reality. We can hear every pitch, note, dynamic, and chord; even sounds we have never actually heard. How can our mind produce sound? My work explores this phenomenon. Music that I visualize in my mind becomes reality for everyone to see and hear.

2 thoughts on “Omead Tabrizi”

  1. Very nice. I love your concept! As you mentioned, we are surrounded by music. This video indeed made me realize that. It is amazing how natural sounds come from “non-instruments,” and create a beautiful music. I like your editing too. This is a beautiful piece.

  2. I definitely enjoyed the idea behind your piece. Creating music through non-instrumental sounds is amazing. Understanding sound art is difficult to grasp, but you did it in such a way that it seems flawless.

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