3 thoughts on “Katie O’Riley”

  1. I thought this video was very funny. One of my favorite shots was when he was combing his mustache at the sink and very wide eyed. I do think that some of the effects could have been left out though. I don’t think they necessarily were serving a purpose in this video. But overall, very enjoyable.

  2. I agree. I think that the video was funny, which I’m sure was the goal, but it didn’t need all if the visual effects you added. Unless they add an element to help your idea, it can almost distract us from the quality of the subject.

  3. I agree with the previous comments, what a funny video. The video is so unique that it allows different viewers to their own opinions of it. Mustaches are not a common topic for video therefore this video stood out to me. Interesting choice for sound effects also for the video to end in a question. Some of the effects were distracting to the purpose of the video. Leaving the effects out could make the video stronger.

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