17 thoughts on “Eric Roman Beining”

  1. I find this photograph to be beautiful and compelling. I can not quite tell what it is that I am looking at, and that makes me want to look at it longer and figure it out.
    I am wondering if it was planned to make it in that way, or if it just happened.
    I am slightly distracted by the bright orange to the left and the object to the right, but at the same time they make my eyes travel around the entire picture.

  2. i find this photo interesting because I am trying to figure out how you melted the bottle and would love to know how you used lighting and settings to achieve this effect. The orange light and shadows I find intriguing.

  3. The light is very interesting and makes the photograph pop. I’m not really sure what it is; but the photograph is still interesting and for a photograph to be interesting and not know what it is means that it is very strong.

  4. I was really drawn to this picture by the lighting and shadows, and of course the bright orange that I assume is flame. I can’t quite tell what the subject is, it looks like broken glass? But I find the way the flame reflects off of it very interesting, as well as the dark shadows all around. Also I really love the depth of field and think it is working very well here. This is a very strong image.

  5. Lighting, composition and shadows add a sense of warmth and depth to this photograph. It took me a while to guess what the subject actually is…but I like that! It makes me think and wonder what is going on and why. The way you focused the center works very well.

  6. I like the very complicated composition of lighting in this photo. The warm main light on the left side, the cold light in the background, the reflection on the broken glass and on the floor all work to build a complexity. The picture is also well framed and centered.

  7. I really like this composition. I don’t know what the object is, but that only improves it. I love how the focus is on the center of the object, blurring out the ends–it gives it a mystery that goes along with the fire and dark setting. I also think the reflection off of the table adds another dimension and works to balance the composition. Well done!

  8. The lighting in this image is so dynamic and feels very ominous. The sharp glass and what looks like the refection of fire also gives me a very dark feeling, which I think all feels really cohesive and works excellently here.

  9. Excellent. Nice, subtle lighting, with an abyss that zooms into the composition smoothly. The behavior of glass and its play on the rest of the content enhances the energy in this composition. I wonder of the greater goal. Fire? Is there tragedy? Destruction in someone’s relationship? Whatever the situation, a photo like this could definitely depict such happenings.

  10. This photo really caught my eye because it made me take a second to figure out what was being photographed. I was very intrigued by the orange light in the dark space. Nice work!

  11. this photo is both very visually pleasing as well as conceptually intriguing to me. The visual aspects provide us with more questions than answers, both in terms of technical attributes and possible narrative ties. I really enjoy this photo.

  12. There’s something real about this photo. The broken glass but light still shining through is a story all of us at some point in our lives can relate to.

  13. This photo sparks my curiosity. I am compelled to study it because I am unsure what the subject matter is. This appeals to me because it leaves room for interpretation. I enjoy how the eye is drawn to the light source at the center of the image and that the outer edge of the photo is blurred. I think this helps create a natural pathway for the eye and provides a great depth of field!

  14. Hi Eric,
    I agree with the other commenters regarding how the photo draws your attention in for a while as we try to figure out what the object is. The high contrast between the dark background and shiny/firey object is another wow factor that draws people’s eye in. The photo is interesting and quite subjective so all I can say is that it looks like a well produced photo! Nice job!

  15. Eric – I love the depth in this photo. The focus of the photo, as well as the foreground and the background all have an element of bright light in their own unique ways. This keeps it interesting to eye, almost being led from the front left of the photo to the focus by the trail of light leading to the center. The background gradient offers a calm contrast to the intensity of the lights.

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