9 thoughts on “Michaela Paukner”

  1. I enjoy the top image that you’ve shown, but I am so drawn to the bottom image it’s hard to even explain why.

    The juxtaposition of the horizontal bars of the image(flag?) behind the billboard, the billboard itself, and the bar of sky with the rolling green hills is great.

    Then there is the guy in front, sitting on top of his pile of shells, waiting to shoot down that quarter pound cheeseburger.

    The ambiguity and colors in this print makes it really pop.

    I don’t know how to make this better, sorry.

    I just want it on my wall.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! The red and white bars are actually from a 1950s Rural Electrification Administration ad. I thought that content lent well to this project, too. Hope it gave you some inspiration!

  2. I’m Confused about how these images relate. However, I do like the way that the bottom looks like a pop up book or like it was cut out of paper. I wish there was a description.

    1. April, the two images are not part of a series. They are two separate pieces. I chose not to include descriptions to see what kind of conclusions viewers could come to on their own. A description for the bottom image: The original title for this piece was “God Bless America,” but my photo professor said the title was too obvious and thought the photo would be better without it. It’s a culmination of Wisconsin culture and advertising. The stereotypical Wisconsinite is a Packer-loving, gun-owning, overweight Republican — living in a rural area and behind on the times when it comes to technology. Advertising reinforces this thinking (ex. the Packers sponsor just about everything in the city of Green Bay), and therefore, becomes just as dangerous as the gun and thousands of shells belonging to the hunter. Hope this gives you some insight, and I would love to hear what you think with the description. Thanks for the comment!

  3. The relation between the two pieces is still unknown to me. The first picture however is very interesting in that the smaller skeleton really gives this picture a calming yet subtly dark emotion of the skeleton.

    1. Victor, the two pieces aren’t part of a series. They were simply created around the same time and posted together. Glad you enjoyed “Bones,” and thanks for your feedback!

  4. I like how the first image is a ghost image over bones of a small mammal. I don’t think it would be nearly as interesting without the bones and the fact that she looks like she is hugging the ground. Those details make it see like a commentary on something. I have my own ideas on what that is, but I ‘m sure you took it with something in mind!

  5. The collages you have done fit so well together. It’s not harsh like most collages where you can see the difference between what you placed in and what you covered up. I think it might be because of the desaturation of some images and the softness of the edges? I also feel like there is a story being told in these two images. Two different stories. As the person above me has said, the photographs look like a commentary on something as well. But, there is definitely some form of meaning to these two images and I think you did a good job of that by placing these images together.

  6. You’re compositing of the first picture is very interesting. It builds a discussion on the people behaviors and ideas of something so basic: bones. It inspires questions and conversation. Really amazing work!

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