4 thoughts on “Nate Niemerowicz”

  1. The angles created in the first photo from the positioning of the woman and the way the green fabric crosses in front of her are intriguing and make the eye move across the piece. I can’t really tell if the photo was taken from a higher angle or if the woman is leaning forward into the camera, but either way it works for the concept as it seems like she is broken in the first photo and in the second she appears to be screaming into the fabric pulled across her face. I’m not sure that having a plain black background works as well in the second photo as the background in the first photo though.

  2. I find this interesting because it has a really dark feel to it. It’s clear that something is wrong with this girl. She is experiencing some sort of pain. The viewer is instantly concerned and worried about her. I think this was executed very well.

  3. You can tell the girl is distress. They way she is grabbing her hair and you can see her screaming through the cloth. The middle tones of her outfit and the black background add to this feel to make it sad or angry. The second picture reminds me of a scary movie cover. Very nice job.

  4. Your view of shooting these two photos is very unique and interesting. I really like your whole setting of these two photos. For the first one, the color combination of her clothes and her pose are actually very natural and have a personality in it. Also, the whole dark background is very cool and makes her seem more depressed. For the second one, the fabric which covered her whole face puts this girl into a more hopeless emotion. They are very impressive!

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