Western Michigan University

David Cuevas



David Cuevas
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 8″ x 12″

The Story of Me
Poem by Jack Myers

This project of 10 -12 images was inspired by a poem selected by each student. The poetry was published by the New Issues Poetry and Prosed here on Western’s campus. I am attempting to work with focal points which draw the eye to a particular spot on the composition. The prints were inspiration from a poem by Jack Myers. The story of me 1 print represents a one way street sign that represents the possible direction or feeling this person may have felt during his journey in life. The story of me 2 print represents a possible scenario of a death that could have possible occurred during his journey in life.

Otterbein University

Corinne Pulda

“Jeremy” silver print, 11×14 inches

“Momo” digital print, 11×14 inches

Corinne Pulda
ART 4500 Advanced Photography

“Momo” was my first image to show what I intended to do with the series. I wanted to do double exposures. I’m taking a portrait of a person, and a picture of what that person is passionate about. I originally planned to do this ‘in camera’ with 35 mm film, as an experiment. The film did’t turn out the way I wanted. “Jeremy” is one of those ‘in camera’ images. From here, I will be taking the series into a slightly new direction. I will put the two exposures together digitally and take the portrait on a clean black background.

Otterbein University

Hannah Warren



Hannah Warren
ART 4500: Advanced Photo
digital prints; 11″ x 17″
series of 12

This series is an exploration in portraiture of the body using extreme lighting. The objective is to look at the body from a formal standpoint and redefine the shape of the body by eliminating edges and boundaries.