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Stacy Ng



Stacy Ng
FAS447: Individual investigations in photography

The Dress Series
Digital prints
Series of 9 photographs

Over the past few years have purchased and inherited many dresses in my closet. I currently own over 50 different dresses. However, I rarely get the change to wear any of them. Therefore, I decided to photograph a series of dress that were forgotten, while addressing my obsession with collecting dresses.

11 thoughts on “Stacy Ng”

  1. I really like your idea and concept for a series of pictures. The white dress is what caught my eye. I am not sure that I understand your background choices. Did you want all white with the dress and shades of red in the background for the red dress? I think the pictures would be more compelling if you used the light source focused on the dresses or a part of the dress. I feel the reflection of light on the closet is distracting and can’t keep my eyes from going to it. I really like the dresses but feel that with better lighting and more of a focus on the dresses would give a more dramatic feel. My name is Sarah Coville and I will be posting some of my pictures soon so feel free to critique mine, I would love some honest feed back.

  2. These photos interested me because I don’t know exactly what is going on in them. The dresses are nice and are placed in an attractive way, but I’m not sure what you’re trying to show me through the images. When I look at the top image I think old and when I look at the bottom image I see new. I like your use of lighting in the second image more than the first but they’re both unique photographs.

  3. I’ve always believed that this type of photo has a deeper meaning, it may not necessarily be true but looking at these photos I feel like I could see something. Like from the simple white dress to the luscious red, its almost like a change from innocence to something a little more promiscuous.

  4. I too believe the usage of the dress can be very playful. I think the concept of forgotten dresses is a good direction to have. I’m not sure how the other photos are displayed but I think each forgotten dress can tell a story placed on a setting. I think the first dress make sense more to me because I can think of several stories why that dress would be on a bed. I think going on that direction of telling a story where the dress has been would be an interesting direction in moving forward.

  5. After reading your description, I feel like I (and probably many other girls) can relate to your situation: having or wanting dresses and nothing to wear them to. I think the top image (white dress) is more visually appealing to me because there isn’t much in the background to distract from the dress. In the bottom, I find myself giving attention to irrelevant things in the background, which takes away from the intrigue of the small, bright red dress.

    This might be really cool if you could contrast the dress color/style with an opposite background. So, maybe like a prom dress in a barn.

  6. I enjoy the use of dramatic lighting to really highlight the dress as the central focus of the image. I think the layout of the dresses sort of in their “natural habitat” so to speak is lovely. It’s like the dresses are at home hung up where they really live, which I think conveys your idea of the “forgotten” dress, as if it is at home waiting for you to come put it on. I do however think some of the background items are somewhat distracting. For example in the lower photograph of the red dress, the bookshelf to the left seems superfluous to the image and draws my eye away from the dress even though it is lit very well. I also think you could play with more contrast. In the first image the white dress could really pop more if the sheet it was laying on wasn’t also a light color.

  7. The fact that the artist composed each image with single dresses gives is a mysterious effect, accompanied with the light and shadows. It feels like someone disappeared and left those behind.

  8. Very creative idea for a series of photos! I love the lighting in both photographs. I think the bottom picture would’ve looked better without the shelf and maybe would’ve drawn more attention to the dress rather than the background. The angles of the photographs also look very visually appealing.

  9. I really like these photos. The concept behind it is displayed well and the images already have that feel of lost or forgotten. The dresses are really pretty too ha. The lighting on the dresses really makes the feel to it.

  10. The top image is haunting. It triggers my imagination to start weaving a narrative of someone who put this dress out but never got the chance to wear it. The lower image seems more linear to me, as if it’s a dress hanging while the owner is preparing to slip into it. Great work!

  11. The way you hang and photographs these dresses almost make them like individuals have a soul. Sad, lonely and even a bit terror involved in their personalities.

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