Rollins College

Abigail Widman



Abigail Widman
ART 300 Photography II
Digital prints; 11″ x 8″
15-20 for final series

The series that I am currently working on focuses on capturing the human body in a way that highlights movement. In order to emphasize the detail and emotion of my subjects, I have been photographing at night with the help of a flash as the light source. I am interested in capturing the youth and dream-esque elements of sporadic movement that is made possible to the human eye through the utilization of a slow shutter speed.

6 thoughts on “Abigail Widman”

  1. The motions of your subjects in these pieces is really effective, which adds a sense of action to your pieces. The lighting works as well considering it was during night time. It’s interesting to see peoples movements as they do something.

  2. Motion and Time in a way coexist with each other. Its intersting to see the motion the we all make break down step by step. In a way each image serves as a time stamp of who we are and where we are at that moment in time. I agree with the comment above lighting is great, I also like the light that is capture with the subjects going the same direction as the motion.

  3. I love these photos. I personally want to be able to play around with shutter speeds. I like the motion shown along with the added light feature. In the photo with the single girl, I like how the light is only on her and the background is black. It makes it dramatic.

  4. This is a very unique way to capture movement. I love that there is captured light movement and also the human form is being captured as its position changes. Totally different than anything I’ve seen before.

  5. You have definitely captured the sense of movement, dance and motion. Great work with the extended exposure and overlapping of the object! Also, the lighting works well- creates a dramatic night-time effect.

  6. long exposures are one of my favorite techniques. I honestly think having that small light along side the figure is a bit distracting. I find the figures themselves to be already interesting enough. I would try getting closer to the model too to get every bit of motion you can. Im excited for the end result of your series!

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