4 thoughts on “Cameron Gregory”

  1. The use of lines in these photos is very captivating, particularly the second photograph. My eye immediately goes towards the door knob and then it follows the shadow lines down and through the rest of the picture. The pop of yellow is a nice added bonus. The photo feels happy, like you are glad to be home.

  2. I like the door knob photography. I appreciate seeing art in ordinary things. I like the detail of the door knob itself and I also like the colors. To me the picture looks slightly tilted but I can’t tell if the lines in the shadows are just creating that effect.

  3. I really love the second photograph in particular. The colors and shadows casted over the wall and handle of the door. The dark shadows contrast well with the bright yellow. The parallel, vertical lines contradict with the diaganal shadows which really interests me.

  4. Now that I know the assignment I am interested in what the poem is about. Your photographs seem very mysterious because of the environments they feature and because of the types of lighting and shadows cast in them. I like the use of color, especially how there are two dramatic shades of blue in the first one.

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