Otterbein University

Jennifer Davis



Jennifer Davis
ART 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints
Individual Photo: 4″ x 6″
Single Print: 11″ x 14″ (4 images per print)
Part of a series of a potential 64 images (16 prints)

Currently working on a typology having to do with technology, specifically smart phones, and the impact they bring upon our lives.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Davis”

  1. I think these pieces really speak about the subject of technology, individuality, and connectivity really well. What are your plans for presenting these? Large scale, with many images, or more intimate?

  2. I really like these photographs. I think it would be really interesting to photograph hundreds of different peoples phones, because what is really interesting to me in these 5 are the background photos they have. It would be really cool to look into what people value in terms of what image they have in the sacred space that is their lock-screen. The black background really adds to the lack of sense of space and that feeling of technology.

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