Western Michigan University

Tyler Fleetwood

109 door web

clock websafe

Tyler Fleetwood
Art 3470 Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 11″ x 17″
2 images of a series of 11

The Night Market (I)
Poem by Jeff Hoffman

As mentioned in the last couple posts, these pictures are to be of our own personal interpretation of a poem. In this case, the poem that was studied was titled “Night Market”, in which a couple wary travelers are making their way through a completely foreign town. There are strange and unusual things everywhere, and there’s an ominous, almost mysterious feel about the unfamiliar stalls and stand they wander up to. In this series I wanted to duplicate this feeling, as I took a walk through some of the more unseen, unfamiliar parts of town.

5 thoughts on “Tyler Fleetwood”

  1. I really enjoy the overall mood that these images present. The ominous feeling you get when walking around an unfamiliar part of town is exactly what I feel. The choice to take these photographs at night, although difficult, was a successful decision. The top photograph is a little distracting for me. The bright light in the top corner is very dominating and is too white for the dark composition. Perhaps cropping out that light and just focusing on the door is something to think about. The reflection of the light on the door might be enough. Overall, this is an impressive set of photographs.

  2. These photographs definitely have an apparent tone to them. The content alone gives off an eerie feeling, and choosing to take the photos at night is an added bonus. I am distracted by the bright light in the top right corner of the first photo. It’s overwhelming to the eye, and like the previous commenter said, the photo could probably stand alone without the actual light. The second photo is compositionally interesting, but I wish it was more in focus. Also, the top right corner has a spot of green that isn’t adding anything to the photo, and should be cropped out.

  3. With these photos you really captured the mysterious wonder in each location you have photographed. The decision of taking these photos at night was a nice look. In the top photo it would have been nice to just have the number and reflection of the light, having the actual bright light in the corner is distracting to the eye. The bottom photo works very well but is a little out of focused.

  4. I love pictures of everyday objects; finding beauty in something that is plain. This is something that I would like to improve in. On the second picture with the clock, I like composition of the photo, how you put the clock off to the side. I think I was also drawn to your photos because I like the antique quality to the items your chose to photograph.

  5. I like your concept of creating the ominous feel of a wondering traveler. The images would be a lot better if they were were more clear. For your first image, I believe that the shot would be a lot stronger if there was slightly more light in the shot. I like the idea of using emphasizing dark tones but I think you should take it a few steps backwards. The second image has great elements of mystery, presented in the clock and color pallet. I think you could rethink your composition so that there was either more or less of the building shown. Also, I would make sure that the clock is whats in focus and that the camera is more stable when taking the picture. Good work.

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