Otterbein University

Corinne Pulda

“Jeremy” silver print, 11×14 inches

“Momo” digital print, 11×14 inches

Corinne Pulda
ART 4500 Advanced Photography

“Momo” was my first image to show what I intended to do with the series. I wanted to do double exposures. I’m taking a portrait of a person, and a picture of what that person is passionate about. I originally planned to do this ‘in camera’ with 35 mm film, as an experiment. The film did’t turn out the way I wanted. “Jeremy” is one of those ‘in camera’ images. From here, I will be taking the series into a slightly new direction. I will put the two exposures together digitally and take the portrait on a clean black background.

7 thoughts on “Corinne Pulda”

  1. I like both the images and the concept for this series, i’m wondering what drew you away from working more with the chance aspect that you began with, by doing the double exposures “in camera”. I really enjoy the chance appearance of the hole in the record falling on the figures ear in the top image, for example.

  2. Both of these images are really interesting. Lining the hole of the CD up with the ear in the top image makes the photo really striking. Both images remind me of daydreaming. The texture over the person in the bottom picture looks like clouds at first but as I look closer it looks like popcorn. You have an interesting concept going on and it’s working.

  3. I am really drawn to the overlay of textures on these photographs. I think the fact that the figures are moving in opposite directions is interesting, and work quite well together. It makes me wonder who these people are, and what connection the over-layed images have to them.

  4. I like the layers of these photos, particularly the second photo. I like the textures in his face . I like how you can see both the texture of what looks like popcorn and the features of his face.

  5. The concept here is really great. Each image has multiple components to it which causes the viewer to analyze the image for a longer period of time. I can see how doing this series with film photography would be difficult. It’s great that you tried it with film first before you moved on to the digital method.

  6. I don’t see too many multiple exposures these days, and I love what you’ve done with it. As soon as I could see the cds within the portrait, I knew exactly what you were getting at. It’s a complex idea, yet it’s simple to understand at a short glance. Great job.

  7. The way the CD lines up with the person’s ears in the first image is absolutely STUNNING. AHH love it so much. The way his face is covered by his bangs adds to the story that he is kind of a mysterious character. Love love love this.

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