Otterbein University

Hannah Warren



Hannah Warren
ART 4500: Advanced Photo
digital prints; 11″ x 17″
series of 12

This series is an exploration in portraiture of the body using extreme lighting. The objective is to look at the body from a formal standpoint and redefine the shape of the body by eliminating edges and boundaries.

8 thoughts on “Hannah Warren”

  1. The ambiguity of these images are quite striking. I know that they are bodies, but they still almost seem surreal, as if they could be other forms. The subtle use of color is strong as well. These photographs are mysterious, and I would love to see a whole series of these.

  2. This is very neat, you can barely tell its the human body but the organic shapes just lead your eyes around the page repeatedly. You think of them as so much more than just a body when you increase the contrast and use only portions.

  3. The shapes created with the body are very interesting. The lighting accentuates particular aspects of the body that would otherwise be mundane. The use of color in the photographs is also very striking and I think it adds a certain emotion to them. I would have liked to see a little more light added to the bottom photo to bring out a few more details in the bottom hand.

  4. Both of these images instantly caught my eye. I love the contrast of the warm and cool feel to each photograph in respect to the other. These really catch the natural human form in an unexpected way by the shadows casted upon the figures. The only thing I could suggest would be possibly putting more of the figure in the frame of the second image, and have less negative space.

  5. I find these images really interesting. I like how you can barely tell that both are of human bodies. I love the first image and how the light hits the person’s back. I feel like the second image doesn’t have enough going on. There’s a lot of dark space in the second image, so I wish there was more light being cast to see more of the shape and details of the body.

  6. I really enjoy this because of the types of line that you’ve captured by creating shadows. These photos have a very painterly feel because they don’t really seem like bodies, but more of an image made up of line and different values.

  7. Both images give me a different understanding of bodies and made me aware how important the colour is to photos. The first one in the warm color tone gives me sponge texture of human bodies. I felt that someone squeeze the “sponge” to get those waves textures. However, the second one in cold color tone looks like a metal sculpture. I really like your work, good job!

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