Sheridan / U of Toronto

Karly Boileau



Karly Boileau
FAS447Y5Y: Individual Investigations in Photography
Digital Prints; 6″xx 8″ free standing prints as well as being displayed in book format.

Series called “With Thanks,” currently there are 13 works in the series but it is ongoing

Description: Documenting and highlighting the often overlooked dedication page in books. The idea of placing the images in the book becomes somewhat of a paradox because one never moves past the dedication page to the actual text, thus the dedications become the story.

2 thoughts on “Karly Boileau”

  1. This concept is great, and I really appreciate the sense of humor in these. I’d really like to see the book version and flip through it. What is your process for choosing what to put as the dedications?

    1. Thanks Kevin! I intend to keep this project going as I discover more dedications. For the selection process I tried to focus on dedications that were witty and had an unique element to them. They really had to jump out at me. In the future I may add all sorts of dedications.

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