Rollins College

Abigail Widman



Abigail Widman
ART 300 Photography II
Digital prints; 11″ x 8″
15-20 for final series

The series that I am currently working on focuses on capturing the human body in a way that highlights movement. In order to emphasize the detail and emotion of my subjects, I have been photographing at night with the help of a flash as the light source. I am interested in capturing the youth and dream-esque elements of sporadic movement that is made possible to the human eye through the utilization of a slow shutter speed.

University of Toronto

Stacy Ng



Stacy Ng
FAS447: Individual investigations in photography

The Dress Series
Digital prints
Series of 9 photographs

Over the past few years have purchased and inherited many dresses in my closet. I currently own over 50 different dresses. However, I rarely get the change to wear any of them. Therefore, I decided to photograph a series of dress that were forgotten, while addressing my obsession with collecting dresses.