photography, Western Michigan University

Evan Mckendry



Evan Mckendry
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 11″ x 17″
Series of 10 Images

A Bed above the Abyss: Amnesiac Notebook
Poem by Andrew Allport

This project of 10 -12 images was inspired by a poem selected by each student. The poetry was published by the New Issues Poetry and Prosed here on Western’s campus. This series makes a reference to Oliver Sacks article “The Abyss”, which is about Clive Wearing, a musician whom has one of the worst cases of amnesia ever recorded. Based on documentaries and articles, the photographs are an interpretation of what moments in his life are like.

3 thoughts on “Evan Mckendry”

  1. This is a very interesting pair of images. I really enjoy the abstraction and sense of surrealism I get from the bottom photograph. The image is dark and haunting and in my opinion is the strongest. In the sense that you are creating compositions based on amnesia, an exploration further of a blurry, shadowed figure might be something to take a look at. The only problem I have with the bottom image is that the figured is centered. It isn’t necessarily a problem but off-setting this figure might help to add some more contrast to the photograph.

  2. You really captured the creepiness and scare that amnesia can cause. I really like the darkness and line work in both photos. These photos put me in the mindset of someone who has amnesia,very strong photos in my opinion.

  3. Thee pictures really capture the intense message of what amnesia feels like. The drastic shadows and the blur on the second photo are very interesting and are such strong pieces on their own.

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