photography, Western Michigan University

Nicole Fenwick



Nicole Fenwick
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 11″ x 17″
Series of 10 Images

Song for the Catatonic
Poem by Shara Lessley

This project of 10 -12 images was inspired by a poem selected by each student. The poetry was published by the New Issues Poetry and Prosed here on Western’s campus. These photos are part of a series studying the relationship between trees and skin.

4 thoughts on “Nicole Fenwick”

  1. I enjoy the close up nature of these photographs. They are immediately recognizable, however; upon closer examination, there are many intricate details to be explored. I think the comparison between the back of the hand and the bark of the tree is interesting. By the appearance of the hand and the tree, it is obvious that both have a story to tell from their years on this earth. The photos capture this expression well.

  2. I wanted to say that this was, in my opinion, one one of the strongest groups of photographs, very thought provoking, i would have never thought of the relativity between the two, and how similar they are in texture.

  3. I really enjoy the similar texture between the two. I would have never thought to compare the relationship between skin and tree. I also believe that the detailed texture in the two share the age of both the skin and tree.

  4. The texture of both of these photos stand out and caught my attention at first glance. The close-up and DOP you used is strong and proves your point on the relationship between trees and skin. It’s simple yet conveys a number of meanings. Great job showing the relationship between the two!

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