17 thoughts on “Rebecca Dost”

  1. I really like both of these photographs. The idea of manmade objects vs. nature is used a lot in photography, but you seemed to find a really specific concept and it’s working very well. Keep taking more photographs because this idea could be taken much further and could become a large series.

  2. This is a very interesting concept. You have done a great job executing the idea and you’ve captured the vastness of the sky and horizon line. It would be interesting to see this applied to a more urban skyline.

  3. I agree with the comments above. There is something to say about the utopian “perfect” landscape. I think it is an interesting concept, i found myself asking the question which one would i prefer? Something to ask the viewers is which photo would you prefer one without man made or one with. If you take out the man made subjects, I feel like for me the photo wouldnt have anything to focus on,it would just be a background, which is very interesting.

  4. I have never thought of this concept! This is interesting, and I was just thinking of our interaction with nature. We have become too involved in our natural landscape and it is hard to return to the norm. Great job with the photoshop editing.

  5. What an interesting concept. deleting the manmade object from each photo creates such a powerful statement as well as an interesting composition with there being a white spot. Still, it is very balanced and is not very overpowering when it comes to the missing building.

  6. I find your concept for these pictures very interesting. I really like the idea of taking out the manmade buildings so that nature can shine through. I think this would make a great series of how people are taking over every little part of this world and should be pursued further.

  7. I love the concept and execution of both images. It would be interesting to see what the reversal (man-made pieces prominent, natural elements in white) would look like juxtaposed next to these two. I think it could be a cool way to extrapolate on your concept

  8. I really love your concept. The class I’m taking now is on film photography, and I can’t help thinking that this would be super cool done with film photography. I don’t know if you’ve ever used film, but you could erase the part of the photo containing manmade constructions by dodging (blocking) the exposure of that area. It would give a really ethereal feel instead of a more technological, edited feel. Just a thought!

  9. Great concept, but the first one looks like greenhouse instead of a building being removed. The second one was obvious because of the shape.

  10. Your idea is very strong. I think, though the replacement of the man made object with white creates an interesting composition, the white may not depict the idea you are going for. Maybe 2 images with a comparison with the man made object edited out, and one with it still there.

  11. The description you posted is an interesting idea, but I feel like it doesn’t match what you’re trying to say in your photographs. “This series explores the idea of removing manmade objects from landscapes”, I see this in your photographs, but I got confused when I read “..in order to return to a utopian, ‘perfect” and untouched landscape”. The white silhouette of the buildings interferes more with the landscape compared to if you would have left the original image. An idea I had was to blur the buildings within the landscape. This idea shows that you are trying to return to that “perfect” and untouched landscape.
    You shoot well straight forward and the use of rule of thirds makes your photos strong. I favorite your first landscape over your second because it is more vivid and shows a utopian vision that you wanted to express. The edits made to the manmade objects are interesting, but again I don’t think it compliments your statement (I think your edit in photo 2 is more interesting because of the structure of the building).

  12. I love the great difference between the sky and the ground it draws your focus to the object. The edits done to the subjects make it seem out of the ordinary and doesn’t look like it fits in with the background.

  13. This is an interesting concept for a project. I like the idea of taking away the human made things but maybe instead of whiting them out you could tone down the colors a little bit instead. I feel like the white is such a stark contrast with the tone of the rest of the pictures. I really like the idea though–messing with human made vs natural objects is an interesting concept.

  14. I like your concept and understand the idea how you removed the building from the landscape. However, the cut out? does not really show the “perfect“ and “untouch” in your wording. I think it would be better next time you change the word and offer a more detailed description or artist statement since you realy have a interesting concept. You do have great photos too.

  15. I really enjoy the connections between the white “removed” objects and the clouds in the sky. I have seen artwork with concepts that are similar to this but I think that these photographs offer a fresh and modern take on the idea of subtracting man-made objects from landscapes. It is interesting to think about how removing this machinery that allows for food and energy production would affect our day-to-day lives.

  16. In love with how the pictures have come out! The perfect use of space, and then a unique concept of removing man made pictures has made the pictures amazing. I loved the perfect angle and perfect colors in the first picture.

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