12 thoughts on “Grace Loescher”

  1. These images are really fresh, and the color is what intrigues be the most. They both have a surreal quality due to the texture. In the first one, the splash is the most interesting part, as if the picture is coming alive. In the second one, the water feels very surreal.

  2. I really like this! The colors really lead my eye around the image because there’s just so much to see. Also the fruit image is really nice with the high shutter speed, but would it look like with a low shutter speed?

  3. Immediately, I was drawn to these photographs because of their use of color. The images are very striking, mainly because of the vibrant colors. I feel as though I am right there experiencing the situations in the same light, which makes these photographs successful, in my opinion.

  4. Anyone viewing these photos would probably be transported back to a hot summer day involving swimming and fruit. These are the type of photos that conjure up memories, which definitely drew me to them straight away. I agree that the vibrant colors make the images- would not work half as well in black and white! Good job.

  5. wow. The two photos work wonderfully together! The way you captured the fruit caught my attention; the shutter speed and use of vibrant color. Composition is also great in the second photograph. Again, I love the use of vivid colors in these!

  6. I really like these photos. They’re so bright and colorful. The bright red and splashing water in the first picture really caught my eye, and the water in the second picture is mesmerizing. I feel like you don’t even need the cement and bird in the second picture because the look of the water is so eye catching.

  7. I really enjoy the color in these photos. They help make objects that we see every day interesting. It definitely works well, good job.

  8. I enjoy both of the photos very much mainly because of the high color contrast and saturation. The brightness of the second picture makes both the foreground and background very emphasized, showing clear and exaggerated details. It really gives great visual impact.

  9. I really enjoy the color in these photos. I always afraid to use such brilliant colors before, I think I ‘ll have a try for the next time. The pure color and the rapid shutter speed make the fruit seems so fresh and the picture seems so pretty.

  10. These two images work nicely together! Compositionally they are both very interesting, the shadow on the bird is great.
    The movement of the water splashing on the tomato works well and the colors on both images work well independently as well as together. Nice!

  11. I think what caught my attention about this work is how they both resemble a painting. The vivid colors are very eye catching, also the use of the rule of third in the second one results in a very compelling image. The crystal clear water adds a very nice touch to both compositions. I like how first image gives a sensation of something fresh and new.

  12. I really was drawn to these images because of the composition they had and their use of different vibrant colors.

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