7 thoughts on “Chelsey VanderVliet”

  1. These photos work very well together. I like that the natural elements such as the tree and water are in focus and are in front while human interaction takes place behind them. The water photo is my favorite of the two but I could see a whole series of these being taken.

  2. I think these photos are striking, especially the second one. I like the interaction and playfulness of everything going on in the photo. I feel like you captured a lot of emotion in these photos, even though they are so simple.

  3. I am interested in the focus on objects in the foreground opposed to people. The branch and the fountain water is interesting. The color in the pieces are beautiful, and the lighting is assisted by sunlight. Beautiful job!

  4. I agree with what the other people said about the tree and water being in focus while the people in the background are out of focus. I really enjoy the depth of field in these photos as well as the composition. I like the interaction between the nature and the people in the background. I think these two photos work really well together. They really convey joyful emotion with the color and lighting.

  5. These photos look great together as they both have a strong stillness to them. The scenes have a pleasant, inviting, and comfortable feel to them. I really like the blurred balloon in the first one and the well captured expressions of the kids in the second.

  6. I think the concept of these photos are very interesting. To me, you see just a glimpse of human activity and life. One thing that I would like to see differently is how in the second image the fountain is blurry in the very bottom front of the photo. I realize each photo is working with different depths of fields, but for some reason the blurry ledge is very distracting to me.

  7. I like the depth of field in the first picture how it is very focused on the tree.The second one I really enjoy seeing the water droplets falling and the focus of it. Both of these pictures really show the depth of field. The only thing I would maybe fix is either getting more of the ledge in so it clearly shows or cut out the ledge, the blurriness of the little amount of ledge takes away from the water falling. Overall good job.

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